I am so sorry that I havent posted anything new lately. I had sinus surgery on July 10th and did not expect it to knock me down the way it did. I thought I would sit at home recovering and scrapbooking while enjoying some time off of work. Obviously that did not happen. I was one of the lucky people who has sinus surgery and doesn’t get over it in a few days. This is the first day that I feel somewhat normal. Needless to see I didn’t get any scrapbooking done at all 🙁

Sunday I managed to drag myself out of bed bright and early again for another soccer game. We are doing soccer through a program that is called i9 sports. i9 sports is a program that is not about teaching your child the fundamental of that particular sport but just getting the kids out there to have some fun. So when I say my daughter is playing soccer she is really just running around with a bunch of other 4 year olds chasing a ball around and trying to get that ball into a goal. There 4 so they don’t even care which goal they kick the ball into! Any who the point of this is that every week there is a skill that is picked and the child that exhibits that skill during the game gets a medal. This week the skill was listening and of course Raena got the medal and of course mommy was feeling like crap and didn’t even have her camera with her at the soccer game. Talk about feeling like a horrible mommy! My little princess was so proud of herself and all she could think about was coming home and showing her older brother that she has a medal just like him!

In she runs and barges into her big brothers room yelling “DADA look I got a medal just like yours”. Anyone that has 13 year olds at home can understand that my 13-year-old was not the happiest 13-year-old on the planet by being woken up this way! I have to say that I am a very proud mama as he gave his sister a high-five and told her that she was AWESOME!

Here are the little soccer players saying gooooo Lightning, which is the name of their team!

Raena is getting the medal for being a great Listener!!!

WhoooHoooo go Raena you got the medal!!!

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  1. Jess

    Adorable! My son starts soccer camp next week – so fun :)!

    1. bethie8

      Awwww that’s great my little one is not ready for a soccer camp yet but maybe one day!

      1. Jess

        Oh, it’s soccer “camp”, but it’s not over night or anything :)!

        1. bethie8

          OH…..then maybe my little one could handle something like that. Although she would prefer a princess camp of some sort!!

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