Geeezzzz, Where Does it GO?

One of the pictures that will go in the digital scrapbook for Puerto Rico

I often wonder where the time goes in a day and how can I get some more of it, LOL. So I wasn’t able to find the time to scrapbook last night which was disappointing :(. I had to complete my motherly duties last night of doing laundry and cooking dinner. Dominick (my biggest monster) came home on Wednesday with like 30 pounds of laundry. Stinky laundry too not that laundry generally smells good but for some odd reason my son had a huge duffel of stinky wet clothes that he brought home to me because he tried to hand wash some of his clothes. 13-year-old boys are a lot of fun to take care of with their 30 pounds of dirty clothes that they bring home after a trip to Puerto Rico with their grandfather!!

So my plan for this weekend is to create a digital album of all the pictures that Dominick took on his trip to Puerto Rico. When the kids are older you can have them sit with you and help you create the digital album. My goal is to complete it this weekend because the longer I wait the more chance I have of Dominick forgetting all the who, what, when, where and why’s of his trip. Right now he is still excited about the trip so it is the perfect time for us to sit down and place the pictures in an album. I missed my big monster so much so I am really looking forward to this quality time with him.

So sometime between the baby shower and the Brave movie this weekend I will get this digital album complete!!! Storybook Creator here I come!!

So this is one of the bags of dirty laundry that my little man came home with. Aren’t I a lucky mom!!!

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