Gelatos & Close To My Heart

I have learned this fantastic technique with using Gelatos to add color to my layouts and the Close To My Heart white daisy paper is perfect for this technique. The white daisy paper actually works great with a lot of mixed media techniques but let me get back to this particular technique.

You first start with a piece of white daisy cardstock and then you color your gelatos onto the paper quite thickly I might add. After you get the gelatos on the paper you are going to get a nice sized paint brush with water and paint down your strip of gelato.

After that you can dry the gelatos with your heat gun or let it air dry if you don’t have a heat gun. Then cut off a quarter of an inch on each side of your cardstock so that you can mount the paper onto a nice piece of paper because your paper will wrinkle up a little bit.

Here is another layout that I created using this technique for my oldest son after he got his first job. I also incorporated the Magic story kit from Ali Edwards with this layout and stitched around my grid of cards on the right side of the layout. I love how this layout came out with the pop of color and the sewing.

You can grab the white daisy cardstock in my shop by clicking HERE. I have to tell you this paper holds up very well to mixed media techniques and I have found myself using this paper for all of my scrapbooking layouts lately. Have you tried using Gelatos on a layout?

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