Great Photos, it’s Possible!

I often get asked how do I take great product photos of my layouts and cards that I create. I struggled with this for some time and I was doing OK.

I would take my photos and they would be good photos but they weren’t great photos. Then a light bulb went off for me the great Lain Ehmann who I talk about all the time because she has these great classes that are always life changing in some way,  had this wonderful class available by Nichol Magouirk and it changed my life!

Now I am able to take amazing photos of my cards and layouts to share with you and surprisingly the majority of the time I take these photos with my iPhone as well.

So all those lovely photos that you see of my cards and layouts that look so awesome are because of Nichol Magouirk’s class. If you ever struggled with taking photos of your products then I highly suggest you take this class, you won’t regret it and you will be posting awesome photos of your products.

Her class has wonderful tips regardless of what type of product you are trying to sell or showcase and the tips make you go ahhhhh why didn’t I think of that.

So go on ahead and take this amazing class by Nichol Magouirk, all you have to do is click right here.

Here are some examples of photos that I have taken since I took this class with my iPhone.

These photos were taken a little later in the day and I liked the shadow effect so I left them alone and didn’t do any editing. I am very pleased with the skills that I learned from the class and I think you would be too.

How do you take your product photos for your site or forums?

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