Hated Layouts

Not that long ago I did a post about easy layouts from the past. In this post I talked about my layouts that have been screaming at me to be finished since I had started them a while ago at a crop but never completed them. I wanted to share the layouts with you and share my hated layout as well.

Islands of Adventure Trip

This layout was fairly easy to complete. I like using pictures for my titles of my layouts sometimes. I cut some tags out with my cricut and added a few stickers to the top right and left corners. A little bit of journaling and it was all done!

Roller Coaster and the hated layout

Here it is the hated layout. I don’t like how this layout turned out at all. I thought long and hard about it though and decided to leave it as is for now. I still might change my mind though and change it in the near future.

Seus Anyone

 I cut a few stars and doily’s out with my cricut, added a journaling box and a fun sticker and called the layout complete. I am quite happy with this layout. I am not happy with the way the scan came out because the colors of the stars and doily’s are not popping the way they do in real life.

Raena Rae is cute as a button

My favorite thing about this layout are the pictures…..LOL these pictures of my little princess when she was 2 are adorable. She loved Seus Landing and I can’t wait to take her to Disney for her 5th birthday this year.

My babies and a few extra kids!!! I love catching photos of them when they are not looking. Can someone tell me why little kids are always picking their noses though. Again this was another quick layout. I added some paper buttons and a scrap piece of paper, along with some journaling and called my layout done. You don’t have to be fancy all the time when you are scrapbooking especially when you are trying to fit it into an already busy schedule.

Harry Potter!!!

Every once in a while I complete a two page layout. This layout is when we went to the Harry Potter area at Islands of Adventure. I haven’t decided if I am going to add more to the layouts or if I am going to leave them as is. I am leaning towards leaving them alone.

This is the conclusion to my easy layouts for today. I have few more then I completed last night that I will be sharing with you shortly. My goal is to teach people and share with people that scrapbooking can be done and still look nice but that it doesn’t have to take you hours to complete it.


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