Have You Seen This?

I have been so busy this week and before I knew it, Friday was here. I am just going to share this post with you about the Collect app. We all take¬†tons of photos, and what better way to get a review of your month than with Collect App. Life’s been a little busy for me, but getting a photo of life is a daily blessing. Check out what nearly 50 people HAD to tweet about… Go learn more about the app, you’ll be happy I shared this with you! Check out the post HERE.¬†

P.S. I had to share this video with you because as soon as typed the title the song popped into my head, enjoy and have a wonderful Friday.

P.P.S. If you like the collect app then you might like the iScrap-N-Snap class as well where I share tips and tricks on how to scrap directly from your iPhone using a few apps. You can read all about the class HERE.

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