How to Journal

This is another quick layout that I finished. My little girl was 2 in these pictures and I focused this layout on her favorite things.  I adhered the pictures and then I adhered three journal boxes. I drew the lines on the journal boxes myself with a ruler and a pencil 🙂 Next I cut three pieces of paper into banners and journaled on them as well. Next I free drew three butterflies and used my crop a dile to set eyelets into the butterfly bodies. I doodled some dots between the butterflies and considered myself done.

I wanted to share this layout because I did the journaling a little different this time. Generally I share a story about the pictures but this time I wanted to share my daughters favorite things. I like how this layout came out and I will be journaling more this way from now on.

All about princess Raena

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  1. dana

    beautiful:-) Doing something like this has been on my mind for years. What is the best way to start?

    1. Beth

      There really is not a right or wrong to start. My first suggestion would be to start with recent photos because those memories are the freshest. I would love to help you begin.

  2. Beth I love the simple, yet beautiful way you designed this page! The background really makes the yellow dress POP! The blue, pink, and purple look great with the yellow, too. Great easy way to do the title as well. I agree with you that journaling doesn’t always have to be done in stories, either.

    The way I journal depends on how much I want to say. If I have a lot to say in a short space, I type out a word processor document and coordinate the type color with the colors on my page. Then I print on a coordinating color of cardstock or on white cardstock. I also like to mat the journaling box with a darker piece of cardstock or a piece of printed scrapbook paper similar to what I have on my two-page spread to make the journal box pop a little. I have even matted the box twice with plain cardstock at the back and a printed (lighter weight) scrapbook paper, immediately behind the journal box.

    If I have less to say, I might even just make a small banner like the ones you use, or just a small rectangle to do just a few words. In working on some small dog albums for my husband, I have used smaller rectangles of cardstock and printed paper to add a quote that I think our dogs might have said if they could talk.

    1. Beth

      Wow Marcia,
      You have several different ways that you journal. I do too when I really think about it but for this particular layout it was completely different because it was all about my daughters favorite things. I generally have a ton of things to say when I start journaling but it’s usually the story that goes along with the photos. I will be trying to incorporate more journaling about peoples personalities and things that I think about that person in my journaling. I am currently thinking about journaling on the computer and printing it out but I haven’t tried it yet. I like my handwriting and I have so many OCD issues (sort of joking here) LOL that I don’t want the computer journaling to stop me from finishing a layout. I really like the way computer journaling looks though when I see it on layouts that have it done with the strips of journal pieces. I think we can both agree though that jouraling is an important part of scrapbooking 🙂

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