I Forgot My Camera!!

I forgot my camera!!! Can you believe it, a scrapbooker that forgot her camera. I was so upset. At least I have the new iPhone so I was able to get decent shots. Because I forgot my camera I decided to go ahead and do the pictures at the pumpkin patch digitally. This was my frist time downloading my iPhone pictures into the creative memories software.

It was fairly simple to get the pictures into the memory manager software. Step one, is create a folder on your desktop. I called mine iPhone 5 pictures just so that I could find the pictures quickly. Step two, plug your phone into the computer and open the folder on your phone by clicking on my computer and then clicking on your phone. Step three, copy the pictures that you want from your phone and paste them into the folder that you created in step one. Step four, open memory manager and click on the get media tab where it says phone. Then you tell memory manager to get the photos from the folder that you created in step one. After you do this you can continue editing your photos as you normally would.

I also use the creative memories storybook creator when I am scrapping digitally. I figured I already edited the pictures and I am going to do them digitally anyways so I just went ahead and created the pages. I scrap so much faster when I am scrapping digitally. I am pretty decisive and move pretty quickly. I finished these 7 pages in about an hour in a half. I figure I am ahead of the game now for 2012 because my pumpkin patch pictures are already scrapped!


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  1. Ashley

    It’s great to have such a good camera on your phone. I love the video options too. The pages look great!!!!

    1. Beth

      The new iPhone camera is great. Thanks for the compliment on my scrapbooking pages. I do prefer to have my DSLR camera for these types of trips though. I was able to get some great shots of them later on that evening though with DSLR which made me feel a little better.

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