I’m All About That DIY!

Ok so as soon as I typed the title for this post this song totally popped into my head. I think it could be remade for a DIY song don’t you?

All joking aside and besides the fact that I love this song, I truly am all about the DIY. I mean why spend tons of money when you can make it yourself and not only get exactly what you want but spend less money doing it.

Here are just a few examples of previous posts that I have shared with you about DIY’ing something! Is that a word? I don’t know but I am going to go for it!

DIY Christmas Wreath

DIY Advent Calendar

DIY Project Life Cards

DIY Cricut Dust Cover

DIY Cookie Sheet Upgrades

These are just a few things that I have created myself over the years and they don’t even include some of the other things that I have done over the years, like crocheting American Girl Doll clothes! Yes, I am that mom that taught myself how to crochet specifically for that reason all through Craftsy which I have mentioned you can grab a free Crafsty course by grabbing this Ultimate DIY bundle among other bonuses that come along with the bundle. Did I mention that the bonuses alone are worth more then the Ultimate DIY bundle!

With the Ultimate DIY bundle there truly is something for everyone as the bundle has courses on:



These are just a few of the areas of DIY crafting goodness that are available through the bundle! After today the bundle will be long gone though! You can grab the Ultimate DIY Bundle by clicking HERE and if you aren’t satisfied you can always get your money back the with the money back guarantee that comes with the bundle. What are you waiting for grab The Ultimate DIY Bundle and get your craft on!


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