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So obviously I am new at this thing called blogging. I decided to blog about my passion because so many people who I know don’t preserve their memories. The majority of my friends and family have all their pictures sitting in boxes all over the house or in their computers where they never get viewed. I would really like to share tips and tricks with you about scrapbooking that I have learned as well as offer you my services.

Life can get so hectic sometimes that you forget that Life is a bunch of instances that occur on a daily basis. Some instances make you sad and some make you happy. Pictures are taken of the special occasions but sometimes the stories are forgotten before they are placed in a scrapbook.

So a nifty tip that I found in a magazine the other day for all us hectic people is creating a journaling box sort to speak. So the concept is to have the box set up the same way you would have a photo box set up. The box would be set up by month. Instead of photos you will be putting journaling cards for each month in the box. The trick is to have your journaling done for the year and that way memories are not forgotten when you sit down to scrapbook. You don’t have to have pictures to go along with your journaling cards. Some of the cards can just be about funny things or sayings that your kids have said to you throughout the year. Anyone that has children knows that they tend to do funny and cute things on a daily basis! I know that as a mother I tend to forget things that my toddler has said or done that has really just brightened up my day. By creating a journaling box and just taking a few moments after everyone has gone to bed to jot down a few things that have happened that day I can have all my journaling done for my yearly scrapbook.

I wanted to add the link to this post so that everyone could enjoy the article as well as get the free download of a journaling card. If you print the journaling cards and plan to use them on your scrapbooks make sure you print them on acid and lignin free paper/cardstock. My suggestion would be to print them out on cardstock for sure. I plan to use journaling cards from creative memories!



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  1. Camille

    that has really brightened up my “day”

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