Importance of Pictures

Earlier this month an article written by Allison Tate went viral. The article was about how mom’s need to stay in the picture and not be afraid to get in the picture with their children.

I read the article and realized how important it is for me to take pictures with my children. My body may not be perfect and I am definitely not the skinniest mom on the planet. I am a tomboy at heart which is why more often than not you can find me in a pair of jeans and sneakers. At home I’m always in a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt, but this is me, this is who my kids see on a daily basis and they love me. This is why I should always remember to be in the picture!

Yesterday my little one was sick and of course that meant I had to stay home with her. I haven’t slept in about two days and I just crashed with her on the couch. My boyfriend took a picture of us and normally I would be so upset because here I am passed out after not sleeping and taking care of sick child and I look horrible and on and on. The fact is that, this is our life, this is how we look after not sleeping and taking care of a sick child and these moments should be documented as well.

This is what happens when you havent slept in days and you have been taking care of a sick child

The Mom Stays In The Picture is the article that inspired me to realize the importance of staying in the picture. It’s a great article and it’s not meant just for mom’s all people that are the main picture takers in the family need to realize how important it is to stay in the picture!

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  1. lindaluke

    You are really on to something important here. There are only a couple of pictures of my son and I when he was young and they are posed holiday pictures. Actually, it seems that I spend most of my time behind the camera in other areas of my life too. I’m a grandma now and I want my grandkids to know who I am and model what a life well lived looks like. I commit to getting into the pictures more often. Thanks.

    1. Beth

      As I look back through my son’s albums I am not in as many pictures as I should have been when he is younger. Allison Tate makes a very good point which is your kids don’t care what you look like and that they love you for who you are. I really try to make an effort to take more pictures and not just be behind the camera anymore. It is so important for my kids to have something to look back at. The same goes for when your a grandparent. I am so glad that you are going to commit to getting in the pictures more!

  2. So true, Beth! I keep forgetting this. I am not very proud of my body, either, but it is important for my kids to have pictures of me.

    1. Beth

      It really is so important for us to remember to take pictures with the kids. They really don’t care what we look like!

  3. Nat

    That is such a great picture of the two of you and I could not wholeheartedly agree more with the article. I read it and while I don’t have kids yet, it’s an important message. Get yourself in the pictures!

    1. Beth

      Hey Nat,
      It is so true. I don’t think the article has to only be directed at mama’s but everyone that generally takes the photos. If you are the one taking the photo then you are usually not in the photo. It is so important to have those pictures of yourself and of you with the people that you care about.

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