iScrap-n-Snap Video on Photo Transfer

It took me a while but I have finally created a video for you to watch on how to get those photos off of your phone and on your computer so that you can edit them, print them and scrap them or just edit them and scrap them if you are going to use theme digitally. This video shows you step by step instructions on how to get the photos off an iPhone and into a folder on your computer.

I usually try to do this every month or at least every month but you can see I have been slacking on this task because I have quite a few photos on my phone. I have gotten them off of my phone today and I have shared the process with you!

This is my very first tutorial video and I promise to get better! The video is working but I programmed it to move slowly so that you can have time to read during the video.

How often do you move your photos off of your phone? Share with us so that we can see how often other people move their photos off of their cell phones.

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  1. Kristie Sloan

    Nice tutorial for people who are a little leery of attempting that on their own! I’m not sure how often I take my pictures off my phone, but I do it periodically, because sometimes there is a picture I want to use for something!

    1. Beth

      Lol Kristie I do it pretty often so I’m sure not to lose any photos if something happens to my phone. My photos are backed up to the cloud but they erase them off of the cloud every 30 days so I don’t want to take any chances.

  2. Creative Vi

    very good tutorial. You made it very easy steps for people to get those photos off their phone.

    1. Beth

      Thank you so much Vi my next video will be better!

  3. Alice

    It is so important to use your cell phone photos. I use a mac, and iphoto. But I’ll share this with all of my pc friends! Thanks Beth!

    1. Beth

      Oh Alice you are so lucky I want to move to Mac but haven’t been able to yet so I only can use iPhoto on my phone and iPad. Thanks for sharing I really appreciate it.

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