It’s a Miracle….

I have done a complete site overhaul. This has been a very tedious process and I am still not done. I have so many more things to add and complete and change that my head is spinning. I thank you all for the follows and I am glad that I can share with you my tips and tricks as well as all my ramblings about my monster children. My old site was at but I can now be found at

I will be creating a new post shortly here about how to complete 30 scrapbook pages in 4 hours but I have to finish giving myself headache by making sure that the site is completely finished. Thank goodness I am not trying to write a whole bunch of HTML code!

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  1. Nat

    Lovely! I like the look and color scheme! Are you using or .org for this?

    1. Beth

      I am using but I am hosting through host gator which takes some getting used to. I am happy with the way it looks now though. Thank you for checking it out. I appreciate all feedback 🙂

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