Just a quick question????

A great photo that I took at Raena’s dance recital. Yet the picture is just sitting in my phone!

What does everybody do with their photos from their iPhones or Android phones. I know the majority of people have some type of smart phone and that the majority of us use these phones to take pictures. I know that I post the majority of the pictures on my Facebook page but other than that I have never really done anything with them. I am currently thinking about creating a small digital book of just pictures taken from my iPhone. What do you think any thoughts???

Another great photo that I took right before she passed out that is just sitting in my phone
My little monster getting ready to play laser tag. A little photo editing and the picture would be great. Yet it is sitting on phone not being used.

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  1. nae1216

    I had the same problem last year. I felt like I had all of these cute pictures and nothing to do with them. I printed some out and made a physical scrapbook. I went to Walmart because if you don’t like the way the picture turned out you don’t have to take it. I don’t know much about digital scrapbooking, but I think that’s a great idea also! Either way you can’t go wrong with a crafting option!! Cute pictures, your daughter is absolutely adorable! Good luck with the photo ideas!

    1. bethie8

      I think I’m definitely going to do something I just can’t decide if I’m going to digital or traditional. You should check out the creative memories link on my blog and look at their digital products they are very user friendly!!!

      1. nae1216

        Thanks I will give it a look!! I’ve just always loved finding the perfect paper and manipulating into whatever comes to mind! Good luck with your phone photos!

        1. bethie8

          I agree with you 100% but I truly have come to enjoy digital scrapbooking just as much as traditional! I will always do both.

  2. Nat

    I actually just hosted a cell phone photo blog hop today. Part of the purpose was to encourage people to save and backup phone pictures. I’ve seen people make layouts entirely out of phone pictures. I’ve included phone pics on may layouts before.

    Last year I wrote a post about why you should save your cell phone picutres – http://almostneverclever.wordpress.com/2011/06/14/organize-your-photos-cell-phone-pictures/

    I think phone pictures are slices of life that are different than camera pictures and are worth saving!

    1. bethie8

      I agree with you. I am definitely going to do a scrapbook with my phone pictures. I think I will do an 8×8 album!

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