LetterPress Blocks

letterpress blocksI have to say that I absolutely love DaySpring I mainly purchase the Illustrated Faith kits from their and they always have great sales so I am usually able to get the kits on sale or with free shipping which to me is everything because who doesn’t love free shipping. Any who DaySpring provided me with their amazing Letterpress Blocks which are fantastic for decorating your home or office or wherever.

I made a really quick video review of them so that you can see how awesome they really are but I did forget to mention that you could also use the blocks on a bookshelf and just stand them up on their own because they are thick enough. If you are unable to hang them up they really would look wonderful on a bookshelf or mantle. The Letterpress Blocks are definitely a home decor item and I think that they are really awesome because you can change the words so that you are not always stuck with the same word displayed all the time.

You can create 11 different words with each set and the sets are on sale until Thursday, August 16, 2016. They are on sale for over 50% off right now! All you have to do is click here to grab your own set of these amazing words!

You can watch the review video and see exactly how stunning they are.

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