Little Hoots App Review

Quote using the Little Hoots App
Quote using the Little Hoots App

For the longest time I have used the Momento app and I still like the Momento app until I lost all of my conversations due to having to restore my phone as a brand new phone. This meant that everything that I had saved to the app was lost and was not backed up. Their are ways to create a backup but I completely forgot about this option before I restored my phone as a brand new phone.

The other issue that I have with the Momento app is that in order to get something printed as a photo I would have to screen shot my phone and then I would tend to forget to print the screen shot to add it to my layouts or to my project life. With the Little Hoots app I do not believe that I am going to have these problems because what happens is that you are creating an actual photo with the app of the quote or conversation that you want to save.

I think my favorite part about the app is creating the conversations. If you have kids then you know their are going to be times when you have a conversation that you are going to want to save and I love how easy it is to create a conversation in the app to then save and print out as a photo. Watch the short video and then let me know what you think about the Little Hoots App.

The app is free in the app store and does have in app purchases that I do not think I need at this time.

little hoots app review
Conversation created with the Little Hoots App

What I really like about the conversations part is that you pick a layout and add photos that go along with the conversation. This truly makes saving conversations a snap!

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