Another background was created without photos so I had to go digging for something that was going to match a background that I made in hot pink. I am usually not a hot pink kinda girl but lately I have been hearing hot pink calling my name.

I started this layout off with some textured cardstock from the Spiegelmom Scraps shop and then added my hot pink acrylic paint with a wet paint brush. Your paint reacts really differently when you are using a wet brush or a dry brush. For this layout I wanted the paint to not be as opaque as it normally would be if I had just used a dry brush.

After I had this hot pink background I didn’t know what to do with it so I looked around my desk and saw that I have had these white flowers that have been sitting on my desk forever. I grabbed them and added them to the whole top half of my layout. Next up was sequins so that the flowers could have sparkle and have a center. I used three different sequin mixes from the shop, Glass Slippers, Pinky Pie Pinks and Lilac Twinkle.

I was in love with how the layout was looking already and I hadn’t even found photos for it yet so off to my box of old photos I went. Obviously because I had created a very girly background I couldn’t use old photos of my son and for some reason I can’t find my old photos of my mini me even though I know they are around somewhere so I went ahead and grabbed some Disney photos.

Granted the colors of this layout are not exactly normal Disney colors but the whimsical feel that the layout has to it seems to fit the Disney photos. I grabbed a series of photos that I took of my mini me meeting Gaston, I had such joy when I found these photos and remembered how happy she was to be there and meet all the characters.

The photos were all cut down to 3.5×3.5 and popped up on to some fun foam. I then added a few words stickers and my title which I cut out with my Cricut and called this layout done. I will say that I learned a valuable lesson putting this layout together and that is the photos will not adhere to fun foam with tacky glue. Hours later the glue had not dried so I ended up using a little bit of hot glue to get them to stick down to the fun foam.

I also had cut down a quarter of an inch on two sides so that I could mount my layout on to a piece of cardstock to stretch it out a bit. It has been very humid here though and I noticed that my paper ended up curling up quite a bit after I had done this. I had no idea that the humidity could affect my layouts this way but now that I know I am going to just make sure I put my layouts away so they don’t get all curly on me.

Do you love using sequins as much as I do? Let me know in the comments.

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