Memorabilia Storage

There are many ways to store memorabilia. I personally have mine in a file cabinet that has all the things that I felt have been worthy of saving my children’s school years. A friend of mine shared this tip with me over the weekend and I thought it was a lovely idea. You can get crates for cheap at amazon.

Then all you need is 12 hanging file folders. I would use the 12×12 size ones as sometimes your young ones have larger pieces of paper that you would like to keep. I personally like these.

Label them from kindergarten to 12th grade and you are good to go. I would probably start this at the preschool age because the kids tend to make really cute stuff in preschool as well!  I think that I am going to do this for my two monsters and put them in an area of the house that can be easily accessible. I don’t generally put school memorabilia in my scrapbooks because there tends to be too much stuff during the year that comes home especially when the kids are in elementary school. Plus my yearly albums are already packed with layouts from our year! I do put memorabilia from trips that we have gone on throughout the year in our yearly album so this idea would only be used for their school stuff.

How do you keep your memorabilia from your kids schools?

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