My Store is on its Way!

I am super excited to announce that my first online store will be opening at the end of this month. I have written about Londyn Kate a few times already this month and I have been working hard to create wonderful products for my online store. Thankfully I still have a few more weeks to create and post my items to wonderful store. If you would like to receive an email of when my store is open please sign up here.

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I am excited to be on this journey of sharing my passion for scrapbooking, paper crafting and crafting in general with everyone. I hope that you sign up and share on this journey with me! A little bit more about my store.

I’m excited to announce my new partnership with Londyn Kate. This new endeavor provides you a unique outlet to shop for the vintage and handmade products that you love (such as my scrapbooking and paper crafting products), while empowering women to connect and thrive. Londyn Kate’s motto is “Where there’s a woman, there’s a way.”

I’m happy to be a part of this new online community and hope that you can take the time to visit my boutique. Take time to look around and see what else might interest you – I’m sure this site will become one of your favorites. Please encourage your female friends and family to visit as well. I look forward to seeing you online!

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