No Photos, No Problem

First, I am so honored that Beth has invited me to write a guest post. She does such a great job on the information she shares here with all of you. I hope today’s post will expand your ideas for creating layouts!

Whether you are a new scrapbooker or you have been doing it for years, you may find a time when you remember an event, or place you went, and you’d like to tell something about it, but you don’t have any pictures. It may be something that happened yesterday, but you forgot to take any photos. Does that mean you should just skip it? Definitely “NOT!” There are several ways that you can create a layout and not have pictures of the exact event. Here are some ideas that may give you a jump start in thinking outside the photo box.

pocket page layout no pictures
Use a pocket style page and fill with patterned paper,
embellishments, and of course your story!

Try writing the story and create blocks of interest with patterned paper. Think of how many themes of patterned paper there are! There is bound to be something that will work. Even plain colored paper could evoke something for the underlying “feel” of the story. Think about a divided pocket style page, but without any pictures. It may sound crazy, but it will work! Scrapbooking is about the words (stories) and the pictures, but if you don’t have the pictures, at least save the words!

You may have pictures of the person involved in the story. You could simply use a photo you have of that person. The scrapbook police will not come and take you away in handcuffs if you use a photo not taken on the exact day of the story you are sharing! It seems we understand this better, when we have fewer photos of someone. I bet any of us would be glad to have just a single photo of a long past grandparent to include with any memories we could recall and write down.

If you have a place you’d like to tell about, you can use a map as part of your page. You can also utilize the power of the internet and even get an aerial view from a satellite on google maps, and you can control how much you want to zoom in or out. This is kind of an interesting way to document your own past, i.e. where you grew up; where you vacationed or visited family when you were growing up, etc.

Aerial view of farm
An aerial view can help you tell a story. This has added text
to identify things in the picture.

Okay, this is a great idea to use even now that you are grown up. You could use a map to show the places you’ve lived. Maybe you only need a state map, or you may need a map of a country or one of those nifty maps showing the earth flattened out. I’ll need one for the country.

Using Maps in Scrapbooking
A map can be the picture for your story

Depending on what your story is, you may be able to find pictures online that will be suitable. Here are two examples:

tv shows
Memories scrapped with no photos.
Embellishments become key elements.
Some images copyright Stampin’Up!
vacations scrapbook layout
Stamps created of locations from online photos for a travel layout.
Additional journaling borders the entire page.

My husband and I have three daughters, each about 2 1/2 years apart. Sadly, by the time the third daughter came along, I was just glad to have pictures. They never made it into any kind of a baby book. Since they were all still loose, I decided to scan them because I knew I could make them look better if they were digital. So what if she was getting close to 30, I was going to make her a baby album! I found a great source for historical facts based on any given date from about 1800 – 2002, it’s the dMarie Time Capsule. Put in the date, click on the button, BOOM, you have instant info! Here’s a page I made for the “baby” book!

history on birthday
Fun facts make a great addition to a baby album,
or for a date where you are missing a personal photo.
Images copyright Stampin’Up!

Now a complete opposite situation, I had the pictures but not really many stories to go along with them! I had to get creative with this long overdue baby album! This was an easy way to include many photos without a lot of story telling. You know the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” well that was what I was hoping would work for pages like this one!

baby layout with 16 photo grid
12×12 layout with a grid of 16 allows for many photos,
use 2 squares if you need to!
Pictures this size are still a great size.

I hope that some of these ideas will spark your creative side when you are lacking specific photos for a story you want to tell! These may not be award winning layouts, but they are stories of my life, my family, or memories that I cherish. When you document your cherished loved ones and special times, that’s your reward!

Pop over anytime to visit me at my Artful Adventures blog!

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  1. Creative Vi

    Another great article. I enjoy stopping by and seeing how other’s solve a problem and learn something new.

  2. Alice

    Creative ideas for tackling those tricky scrapbooking situations! Thanks for this super-useful information!

  3. Maggie Lukowski

    There are so many creative ideas on how to honor our memories. – Maggie

    1. Beth

      Hi Maggie, Kristie’s ideas are fantastic!

  4. Anil

    WOW, great ideas to create leave-behinds and other items even if you don’t have pictures. I’m going to use these ideas when I create job aids. THANKS.

    1. Beth

      That sounds like a great idea Anil 🙂

  5. Jean Buschke

    What a wonderful post with fabulous ideas! Thank you! I am just dizzy…don’t know where to start! 🙂

    1. Beth

      Hi Jean, I am glad the post gave you such great ideas. Come back and let us know what you created!

  6. Nancy

    Great concept. I use it quite often. Just recently, I went prom dress shopping with my oldest daughter and her best friend. Dress stores do not like it when photos are taken. Therefore, I took a photo of the girls after when we arrived back home. I went online to find some modeled dresses and saved those. Lastly, I downloaded the store’s logo and name. I created a page using all of this.

    Another great option is when families visit amusement parks, maps are available for free. There are all kinds of ways these can be used in scrapbook pages.

    1. Beth

      Hey Nancy, Kristie definitely gave us some great ideas how to scrap a layout without any photos! I love how you said you did the prom dress shopping layout. Have you posted the layout anywhere I would love to see it.

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