No Scrappy Mojo, What to Do?

Well I was really hoping that my scrappy mojo would be back by now. The other day I wrote about how I lost my scrappy mojo and you can find that post here. I still haven’t figured out why it left but it did ­čÖü

In the meant time I have been learning new crocheting skills! I finally conquered the Granny Square which took me forever to figure out how to do and I have learned many new stitches as well. Today I just learned the bobble stitch!

So even though I haven’t been scrapping I still have managed to be creative! Caroline which is our American Girl doll, and the reason why I decided to teach myself how to crochet has gotten two skirts and a tank top so far. I think some pants and a shirt with actual sleeves might be her near future!

With all that being said I wanted to share with you how I have been teaching myself how to crochet. Craftsy is where it is at for online learning when it comes to sewing, crocheting, quilting, knitting, cake decorating and all kinds of other things! I can access all the classes from my iPad and even my iPhone which is just awesome for me. You can also access the classes on the computer.

My other favorite thing about Craftsy is that you can purchase materials for discounted prices! Who doesn’t love cheaper prices. Yarn and fabric is what Craftsy seems to have the most of product wise but the prices are great for yarn especially!

I guess if you ever lose your scrappy mojo like I have you can always go and check out the Craftsy classes and pick up a new hobby! If you are ever interested in learning  making flower embellishments for your scrapbook layouts I highly recommend this class and this class.

Here are some of my crochet things that I have made since I have taught myself how to crochet about 3 months ago now!

P.S. My collage photo was made with that awesome Fuzel app that I have talked about before, you can find that post here!

Is there a new skill that you have wanted to learn?

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  1. Creative Vi

    You’ve been doing good. I’m still loving my crocheting and off to do some now.


  2. Jenn L

    I will have to check Craftsy out! I’m not super crafty (anymore), but my daughter and mom are. ­čÖé I hope you get your mojo back!

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