Organization is Key

Organization is so key when you are a scrapbooker and I found this great article about organizing your tools the other day. I even completed the little quiz that came with the article just to make sure I was organizing my stuff correctly! The premise of the quiz is  to gauge what is important to you as a scrapbooker so that you can organize your embellishments and papers according to what is most important to you.

I often joke and say that I have OCD so my embellishments are organized by size and by theme. For instance all large flowers are in one jar, all ribbons are in another jar and all tags are in another jar. Smaller flowers, butterflies and buttons are in a tin can that has a divider so that all the embellishments are separated by theme and I can find the smaller ones easily.

Any who here is the link to the article about organization and why it is so important:

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