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Lately I have been seeing a ton of posts and questions in regards to photo storage. I backup photos on a regular basis but in reading about how other people backup their photos I have realized that there are many different ways to back up your photos and ensure they are not lost. Tragedies happen and photos can definitely be lost and I for one do not want to ever lose the precious photos of my family and friends.

My method of backup is to save all my photos on my portable hard drive and all the pictures that I end up printing are obviously backed up on Shutterfly. Shutterfly is where I do the majority of my printing from. There are many reasons for this. One, the print quality is awesome. Two, my photos are always shipped to me in perfect condition and quickly. Three, they always give deals throughout the year. Four, if you have a baby and use Pampers those gift to grow points are great for getting free photos printed through Shutterfly 🙂 Five, when you join you get 50 free prints so it never hurts to at least try them out. Six, if you’re not like me and you don’t have a blog or a Facebook you can always sign up for the fast and very user-friendly share site. Seven, picture storage is free and unlimited. Eight, you can always pick up your photos at your local Target, CVS or Walgreens and sometimes you just have to get a few photos quickly for a project. Nine, your photos are securely stored at full resolution. Ten, they have an iPhone/iPad app and for me that is always a plus.

I have decided that I am going to start uploading all my photos on to Shutterfly and not just the ones that I print so that I can ensure that all my photos are backed up. This option will not cost my frugal self any money and it’s just one more way to ensure that if my portable hard drive or my computer goes awry I will still have all my photos. This makes me a very happy scrapbooker 🙂

So what are your photo storage solutions?

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  1. Marcia Brown

    I agree with you that Shutterfly is a good place to store photos. I hesitate to put my photos on an external drive as I have heard from friends that they can go bad at times. Does anyone know of a brand of portable external drive that is affordable yet reliable?

    1. Beth

      I love my external hard drive and its a western digital and my BF has a toshiba hard drive. Both of us have one terabyte portable hard drives and we both love them. Neither one of us have had any issues with them. They are technology products though and technology products are never guranteed for life which is the reason why Shutterfly is my second backup 🙂

  2. Nancy

    I use an external hard drive. I have tried various online companies, but I noticed that if you do not use it for a while the photos are deleted. So, I figured I will continue to use my external hard drive until I find something that works for me.

    1. Beth

      Hi Nancy, Do you print any of your photos and if so what company do you use? Shutterfly has never deleted any of my photos and I have had some of my photos on there site for over four years now. I don’t have all of my photos backed up to their site only the ones that I have printed. I think that I will backup all of my photos to their site eventually so that I have one more place that they are backed up at.

  3. Nat

    I print at home, so I don’t have a company I’m tied to. Plus, any service that stores photos for free is likely to not have a method for downloading them back at full resolution. It may not matter if you are going to order prints anyway, but since I print at home, I pay a flat fee to have unlimited storage and downloading for all of my 25k photos. I also keep them on an external hard drive.

    1. Beth

      I have definitely thought about purchasing a photo printer but I have not decided on that. Shutterfly does allow you to download your photos back at full resolution. I have not tried to back up all of my photos though to Shutterfly. I currently have about 10K photos that are only fully all backed up on to my portable hard drive. I am looking into other avenues for a third backup.

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