Pomelo App Review

Pomelo is a photo editing app, that is availableĀ on the iOS store and on the Google play store. The app does exactly what it says it’s going to do, which is edit your photos by giving you many different effect options. I can’t say that I am overly impressed with the app but I haven’t deleted the app yet either. I have other apps that are my favorite though, which is why I don’t use this app that often.

I did a brief video showing you how to use the app and the different effects that are available within the app. Let me know in the comments what other apps might interest you.

Here are a few photos that I edited really quickly with the Pomelo app and I have to say that I was happy with the results.

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  1. Cecilia

    This is really interesting. I hear for the first time of Pomelo app. Your photos show how great it works. Thanks for sharing, Beth.

    1. Beth

      I am glad that you liked the review on the Pomelo App Cecilia. Make sure you sign up for one of the freebies so that you will know when I do another app review.

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