Pre-Order Mixed Media Kit

I am super excited to announce that I will create a beginners mixed media kit. I have carefully selected items that are perfect for someone that is just starting out with mixed media. Mixed media art is one of the best ways to get creative and not have to stress over what you are creating. You do not have to have a theme or even an idea of what you want to create in order to get started.

In this kit you will receive 6 full size products and 3 sample sizes of product to get you started. I will also have a mini class that you can take that shows you techniques that you can use to create beautiful art journal spreads.

  • Mermaid Teal Paint
  • Heavy Body Paint
  • 1″ Silicone Brush
  • Crackle Stamp
  • Woven Stencil
  • Standard Size Mixed Media Travelers Notebook Insert
  • 2 oz jar of Heavy Gesso
  • 2 oz jar of Light Paste
  • 2 oz jar of Soft Gel
  • A few surprises of materials that you can use for collaging

All these products retail at $75 if you were to buy them on your own and that is not including the price of the mini class that you will also have access to. You can purchase this beginners mixed kit that has everything in it for you to get started by clicking here. This kit is all inclusive in order for you to get started for only $35!


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