Print Studio App Review

print studio app reviewAll I can say is WOW when it comes to this app at .50 cents a print for 4×4 photos and at .31 cents a print for 2×2 you really can’t go wrong. Granted I print a ton of stuff on my Selphy and I have tried Shutterfly for 4×4 prints before but the quality of the Print Studio prints was Amazing. After using the app which is incredibly easy and receiving my prints quickly and packaged nicely I was very pleased and will not be able to talk about this app enough.

I have put together a little video for you all so that you can see just how easy the app is to use as well as the prints that I received back from Print Studio. One of the things that I hated about my 30 days of thankful album was putting the photos in 2×2 size because I wasn’t sure what photos would look right as a 2×2 but with the Print Studio app it takes all that guess work out for me and I can just print my photos. The only down side is having to wait for them and this is only a downside for me when I am working on a project such as 30 days of thankful or my December daily.

The video that I completed shows you how the app works and how easy it is to get your photos uploaded and printed.

Unfortunately at the time that I completed the video my photos have disappeared into thin air. I am really hoping that they show up soon. In the mean time you are going to have to take my word for how awesome the photos are. The photos are printed on archival quality 300 gsm paper and they have a smooth matte finish. When I opened my package of prints I can’t tell you how ecstatic I was to have such beautiful prints. Now if I could just find them my scrapbooking life would be so much better. You can read more about print studio by clicking here and you can download the app by clicking here. The app is also available for android.

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  1. Mandy

    Thank you so much for sharing about this Beth! I am starting a small 4×4 album this year as a personal project and this app is going to be such a life saver for me!

    1. Beth

      Hi Mandy I really wish I could have shared the photos with you all as they were stunning! Let me know how you like the app after you have tried it! Happy New Year to you!

  2. Elizabeth

    Hi Beth! This is a great review. Thanks for doing it.
    Stopping in from the Documented Faith FB group, and regularly now that I have you in my Feedly.
    So glad to find out you are a CTMH consultant! I’m going to bookmark your website and will be ordering from you when I need something!

    Happy New Year!

    1. Beth

      Thank you so much Elizabeth my name is actually Elizabeth as well everyone just calls me Beth 🙂 Thanks so much for adding me to your Feedly and let me know if you ever need any help placing an order with me! Happy New Year to you!

  3. Melissa Shanhun

    ok how cool is this! 🙂 I wish we had a service like that here in Australia!!

    1. Beth

      awwwww I wish you had a service like this as well

  4. Cara

    Yay, love their site (the name is too cute 😀 ), they prints look great and they ship internationally!!!!

    1. Beth

      The prints are awesome Cara and I plan on ordering new ones soon!

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