Professional Photo Layout

I have said on several occasions that I don’t normally scrap only one photo at a time but when I scrapbook professional photos I generally only scrap one photo on the layout. School pictures are always scrapped by themselves. This layout I completed of my son’s school picture from this year. I can’t believe how fast he is turning into a young man and it seems to be happening right before my eyes.

School pictures


I am still a simple scrapbooker whether I am scrapping a single photo or multiple photos that’s just my style! I love this layout because the focus is on my son and not on the embellishments that are on the page. When I scrapbook my son I try to scrap his personality. This means that he likes layouts that are not busy┬áso I try to incorporate that when I scrapbook him because in the end he is the one that will end up with these albums. I do the same for my daughter but she’s a girl and a drama queen so I pretty much have free reign when I am scrapbooking her!

How do you scrapbook people in your life? Do you try to keep in tune with their personalities or do you just go with it?

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  1. Marcia Brown

    I like what you did with this one, Beth.

    The reason I subscribed to your blog is because my style is also simple and uncluttered. I like my photos to be the center of attention and jump right off the page!

    I like your idea of scrapbooking the professional pictures with just one on a page, too. I haven’t started doing a lot with my kids school photos, yet. I suppose I do try to think about the personality of whoever I am scrapbooking. Mainly I try to think about what the occasion is and how I can duplicate the feeling of the moment.

    I have been trying to get caught up with all the pictures I’ve taken since I remarried in 2000. We travel quite a bit, and a year or so ago we started taking one of my grandchildren with us at a time for a special vacation. We took the first grandchild, Kegen, to Disney World almost two years ago. His scrapbook is finished. We took Harley to Omaha, and I am behind because I haven’t started scrapbooking that trip, yet.

    I try to scrapbook all the Christmas celebrations and keep them in one album. Eventually I’ll have to start another album, though.

    You have a great looking son!

    Gotta go now.

    Happy Scrapbookin!

    1. Beth

      Hey Marcia, I am so glad that you subscribed and that you enjoy my layouts. I have never been a fussy scrapbooker and I like my photos to be center stage. Some people create works of art and I think they are beautiful but I have always been a clean and simple scrapbooker and that just works for me. I don’t have tons of time to scrapbook and I like to complete albums not just layouts.

      I have so many pictures that I have to catch up with myself but I don’t pressure myself I know they will get done eventually. I think that is so awesome that you take your children on special vacations. I just did my first December Daily album and I loved doing that so I will be doing that again for sure.

      Thank you so much for the compliment on my son he is good looking but his age is not so much fun right now.

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