Project Life App Process Bubble Frame & Project Life

project life app process video bubble frame appAhhhhh so you are back with me again for another process video using the project life app. I hope you have enjoyed the past few weeks. This week I am sharing with you how to use the Bubble Frame app with the project life app. What I like about the Bubble Frame app is that you could basically create a layout just using the Bubble Frame app.

There is a ton of stuff that you can do with the Bubble Frame app and I am just touching on the basics but the more you play with the app the more you will like it I promise you. You can change so many aspects with the app such as the type of bubble and the color of the bubble and the background this makes any photos that you add to a bubble frame just like a mini layout.

You can watch the first Project Life app process video by clicking here if you have missed any of the weeks of the series. Here is another mini photo layout that I made really quickly that I will be using for a layout in the very near future.

bubble frame app & project life app

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