Project Life My Way

Last month HSN had a craft day and I have to admit I am a sucker for these days and I sit and watch HSN and drive my honey crazy by constantly saying I want that. Well this time they had the Becky Higgins Project Life kit on sale and I just could not pass it up. Mind you I have never purchased a project life kit or used project life before.

I purchased the jewel kit because the colors were more geared towards scrapping a boy and I was going to take this kit and use it to scrap all the old pictures that I have sitting around of my son that need to be scrapped.

I am currently on a mission to get all old pictures scrapped and I am also reading Stacy Julian’s book Photo Freedom and I have to admit I am only on Chapter 2 but the book is amazing and I plan on gaining Photo Freedom before the end of the year!

Back to my project life thoughts. The jury was out for a long time about project life and I don’t think that I will use project life the way it is intended to be used but I do think that I will use it for catching up on my backed up scrapbooking. In short I love the pockets and the journal cards and how quick and easy it is to create a project life spread.

I have been enjoying it so much that I have even take steps to record my daily life through apps! As you all know I love my apps. I am currently using Momento to keep track of daily sayings and Photo 365 to keep track of my daily photos. I don’t consciously say that I am going to take a photo every day but I do anyways and I really like being able to keep track of them.

With all that here are a few project life templates that I have completed. I manage to get quite of these filled up in no time at all and I think this is going to be the way for me to go to get those old photos scrapped and my son’s photos out of the box.

Will you give project life a try?

P.S. Until May 13th you can get my free photo editing class that has 7 video tutorials on photo editing apps that you can use to create amazing photos. You can find out here how to grab the free class.

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  1. Claudia

    Beth, I find what you do fascinating…. I didn’t even know the apps or kit you mention existed. I was engaged by your blog. I wasn’t really sure where to sign up for the photo editing class… and probably won’t, sorry to say, be scrapbooking soon as I’m doing a house project.

  2. Melissa Brown, MD

    Thanks for the reminder to get the kids outta the phone and into an album. Will be checking out the apps that you mentioned, Beth.

    1. Beth

      Glad that the reminder worked for you Melissa!

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