Right Here Right Now

I read this wonderful post by Ali Edwards and I decided to give this a try. This post is about what is going on in my life right now. I think this is a great way to document what is going on in my life and keep track of it for my scrapbooks. It’s always the everyday things that I seem to forget.

Watching Real Housewives of Miami: yes, I watch all these crappy reality T.V. Shows. I am not sure why but I enjoy watching these shows. I watch other shows but when I am crafting I tend to watch T.V. that I really don’t have to pay too much attention too.

Baking: At this moment I have two pumpkin pies sitting on the counter cooling and I had some left over pumpkin pie mix so i turned it into a pumpkin pie bread that is currently in the oven. I invented this pumpkin bread and I am hoping that it doesn’t taste horrible! Pumpkin Pie is my favorite pie!

Raising a Teenager: Oh how I wish someone would have told me how hard it was going to be to raise a teenager! My son will be 14 next month and I am told that it is only going to get worse. This weekend he was good but I am thinking some of that has to do with the fact that he is still grounded.

Enjoying: Motherhood is wonderful and I truly enjoy raising my children. The little one is in acting classes and I am really enjoying how excited she gets each Saturday morning when we get all ready to go to acting class.

Playing: I got a new computer that I can play Diablo 3 on and I have the play to free version right now because the boyfriend wanted me to make sure I liked the game before we spent the $60 dollars on it. I have now designated Diablo nights and scrapbooking nights. The game is a ton of fun and will keep me busy until the new God of War comes out.

On a Mission: I am on a mission to get my business up and running and make something of it. I am throughly enjoying my scrapbooking business and I am working hard at making it a success.

Looking forward: The Holidays are here and it is my favorite time of year! It is pretty much a whirlwind for me once November hits. First it is my son’s birthday, then Christmas, then my daughter’s birthday, then my birthday and then my boyfriends birthday. It doesn’t stop until February 🙂

Loving: I have been with my boyfriend for a year and 4 months now. We are living together and I am madly in love with him! He is a wonderful man who treats me and my children wonderfully!

Thinking: I am a thinker, I over analyze almost everything in my life! So I have been thinking about my kids, my relationship, and my business. Trying to not think so much!

Happy: I am happy and content in my life right now. I earned my MBA last year, I met a wonderful man, my children are healthy and happy and I have a wonderful family and friends. I couldn’t ask for anything more and I am truly blessed with a great life!

Reading: The Strain by Guillermo Del Torro, I just started this book but it’s about vampires and I love books about vampires!

Anticipating: The Miami Heat’s first official game is October 31, 2012 I am so looking forward to the new season and I can’t wait for them to win another championship LETS GO HEAT!!!!

I hope you enjoyed my Right Here Right Now post. It’s just a little more information about me. I know you read about my kids all the time but this post has a lot more information about me!

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  1. Annie

    What a great idea! People are sometimes amazed that some of my pages are of days where I just busted out the camera to take some candids of The Boy. This is inspiring me to do a similar post!

    1. Beth

      Hi Annie,
      I do that on a regular basis. Some of my best photos are just because I was running around the house with my camera!! I didn’t think that I would enjoy doing this post as much as I did but it was alot of fun!

  2. purplerara

    Love your version of this post. It’s a fun thing to do isn’t it?!

    1. Beth

      It was a ton of fun and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed doing it.

  3. Valerie

    Great post; I, too, did a similar project through Becky Higgins. It’s very enlightening to focus on yourself for once!

    1. Beth

      Thank you Valerie, It was hard at first but once I got going I ended up enjoying it.

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