Scrapbook Expo

I have been so busy this weekend but I did treat myself to some time off from my day job! Thursday I spent the day scrapbooking and worked on scanning some of my layouts and then Friday was Scrapbook Expo day. Let me start off by saying that I have one of the best boyfriends in the world! My awesome boyfriend went to the Scrapbook Expo with me and really was just a huge support to me by holding my bags and checking stuff out with me. Plus I got to keep his door prize of free glue dots!

This was my first time attending a Scrapbook Expo and it was about an hour away from me in West Palm Beach, FL. I hate to drive and of course we hit morning traffic so I was very grateful that my boyfriend went with me and drove! The Expo is a must go to if you are looking for wonderful deals.

Deals Galore!

I bought my first 25 Copic Markers there and I got them for a great price! I really enjoyed playing with them when I got home on Friday. They had Clear Scraps there which I have never used before and was able to do a make and take with some of their products and instantly fell in love! Acrylic is a ton of fun and of course I bought some to take home with me. Stamps were abundant as well! Oh so many stamps. I got some wonderful stamp sets for $2 dollars yup you read that right $2 whole dollars.

I didn’t sign up for any of the classes this time at the Expo because I really just wanted to get a feel for it and enjoy it. I have already decided that next year I will sign up for classes and work the show! I am going all in! Anyways, I had a great time at the Expo and if you have the chance to go to any of the Scrapbook Expo’s you should definitely go even if its to walk around and get great deals.

P.S. Apparently tailgating is allowed and enjoyable at the expos as I saw many ladies having a grand old-time with their cups of wine in the parking lot!

Here are a few pictures that we took!


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  1. Lisa Lobao

    I have been scraping for over 12yrs now. Started with creative memories then ofcorse I advanced. But I love love love the tape runner from cm. it fits in your hands just right. I think also it’s what you started with. IoI have not sat down and scrapped pin over a year. But I’m going to be a Grammy now!!! So excited!! Just the reason I need to start up again!!!!

    1. Beth

      Hi Lisa
      I think everyone started with creative memories! I still think tool wise creative memories has the best! There border punch and custom cutting system are my favorite! Love there tape runner for smaller projects but nothing compares to my ATG. Since your getting ready to be a grandma it seems like the perfect time to start scrapping again! I hope you do! If you have and questions for me please ask away I would love to help you get started again 🙂

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