Scrapbook Yourself!

Cathy Zielske shared this video on Facebook the other day and after I watched it I thought to myself this is a great concept that can be used for scrabpooking as well. I hardly ever scrapbook myself and I am hardly in the picture but I have made a conscious effort to be more in the picture and to document myself as well.

My children see me as beautiful and happy and just love being around me. They don’t see me as fat or notice the few gray hairs that I have now (which totally freaks me out by the way).

In honor of myself and all that I am today at the age of 33 I have finally managed to scrapbook myself! Of course with it being May 1st and all I have also used the prompt from LOAD if you haven’t joined don’t worry there is still time for you to be a part of this wonderful time in May where you complete 31 layouts in 31 days! How’s that for getting some scrapping done!

Scrap Yourself

So on that note here is the video that moved me to say these things and the scrapbooking layout that I created because of it!

If you decide that you want to join me for LOAD and create 31 layouts in 31 days then click here!

Will you take the time and scrapbook yourself after watching this video and seeing my layout?

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    1. Beth

      Thank you so much Corri!

  1. Happy Birthday, Elizabeth! Thanks for sharing! I love your video! It’s a fabulous idea. 🙂

    1. Beth

      Thanks Alexandra my birthday was months ago but I scrapped me at the age of 33 so I can look back on it and know what I was into when I am old and feeble lol

  2. rachel whetzel

    Love that new Dove video… Way to go, putting yourself out there!!

    1. Beth

      Thanks Rachel the whole world can now see how old I am lol

  3. Tatiana Allen

    Awesome layout! Happy b-day! I love 33, it’s a beautiful # and age…just like you 🙂

    1. Beth

      Thanks Tatiana 33 is proving to be a great year for me and my family!

  4. Theresa Cifali

    This is a fablous post. I love that you are making an effort to document yourself in your scrapbooking. Later in life, your children are going to love that.

    1. Beth

      Thanks Theresa, I am really hoping that my children appreciate these types of layouts when they get older. This is the first layout that I have ever done like this I am thinking that I will do them more often!

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