Scrapbooking Challenges

I love a good challenge it goes with my competitive nature 🙂 February was my first time attending the LOAD (Layout a Day) challenge and I had a blast.

The deal with LOAD is that everyday you get a different prompt to scrapbook and it really got my creative juices flowing. I really enjoyed connecting with other awesome scrapbookers in our private Flickr group and commenting on other layouts.

Seeing all the other layouts gave me tons of inspiration as well. Not only was I inspired by a prompt a day but also by all the other people that participated in this challenge.

Here is one of my favorite layouts that I did during LOAD and probably one that I would have never scrapped without LOAD before.  I now have an album dedicated to LOAD layouts because I will be completing many more LOADS in my future like the one that is starting next month! I can’t wait!

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gods painting load7

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  1. Very pretty, Beth! I used to SB much more frequently when my son was small, but I am now way behind!!

  2. geezee

    I am SO gonna do LOAD with you again. It is so much fun. This time I will be doing a lot of it on my Android phone. You may see some of that on my blog.

    1. Beth

      I’m really excited for this go around!!

  3. arleen

    It’s great to have a passion about something. Yours will be something you will appreciate in the years to come. Keep scrapping! You will be so glad you did!

    1. Beth

      Thanks so much Arleen 🙂

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