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Today is Valentines Day and I decided that I wanted to share the love with all of you by telling you about some awesome sites that I have been following as well as a great promotion that is available to you today ONLY!

With that being said let me get started with all this awesomness!

Kristie Sloan from Artful Adventures takes crafting to the next level by teaching you tons of creative things that you can do with all those scrapbooking supplies that you have just waiting to be used. Plus she has tons of ideas of things that you can make with hearts. I had no idea that you could make so many different things out of a heart punch until I met Kristie!

Vi from Creatie Threadz is a place where you can find it all she has some really awesome recipes, great scrapbooking tips and a really cool freebie up on her site right now. Let me just say she has the best green smoothie recipe I have ever tried!

Debbie from Scrap Me Quick Designs is your go to gal for doing amazing things with your die cut machines and she doesn’t just pick one machine. She has it all the cricut and the cameo, you can learn all types of new things from Debbie about the creative things that these machines can do!

Cara Miller is your go to girl for learning how to use these die cutting machines. She offers a product called whispers and these whispers tell you how to use these fancy die cutting machines that we all love but may not know how to use all the features. Cara teaches you all the features and then some!

GeeZee from Messtaken Identity is all about eco crafting at it’s finest you can take all those items that you think can’t be used and turn them into something magical just by learning how to think outside of the box. GeeZee teaches you how to think outside of the box and create wonderful eco craft projects, so for all you eco crafting folks this is the place to go!

Melissa from Digital Scrapbook HQ is all about digitally scrapbooking and she can teach you how to use that awesome software that I talk about on a regular basis known as photoshop elements!

Alice from Scrapbook Wonderland is all about teaching you the fun and creative things that you can do for scrapbooking and how scrapbooking can be fun. Alice doesn’t ever want you to feel guilty about not keeping up to date with your scrapbooking and she has a great series on how to be a guilt free scrapbooker!

Danielle from Scrapper on the Street can you teach about taking pictures of your everyday life and getting those pictures documented and into a scrapbook.

Dawn from Faithfully Yours teaches you all about how to add faith based scrapbooking to your projects and she has tons of awesome ideas on how to incorporate faith based scrapping into your life and your heart.

Monica from Scrap Inspired teaches you how all the everyday things in your life can inspire you and your scrapbooking.

Heather from No Excuses Scrapbooking can teach you that there is no reason for you not to be scrapbooking and how beginner scrapbookers can get started.

Jeanie from Crate and Babble teaches you how to create beautiful items by re-purposing old items and turning them into works of art!

Diane from Capadia Designs has it all scrapbooking, die cutting, photography and she feels that you should create something new on a daily basis. I must say I agree with her!

Kellie from Use it Scrapbooking teaches you all kinds of ways to use those scrapbooking supplies of yours and have fun while you are using them!

Beth from Scrapping Wonders, which is where you are right now I am your go to gal for everything techie and scrapbooking and I teach you how to get all those wonderful photo’s off of your phone and into a scrapbook. Make sure you take the February Sketch Challenge for your chance to win a gift certificate to LCI paper company at the end of the month!

Lain from Layout A Day has it all and she brings you all the tools you need to get your scrapbooking done which brings me to the last part of this post.

Lain offers tons of classes and all the classes that I have ever taken with Lain have been awesome and amazing and wonderful and I could go on and on but I won’t continue to dazzle you with my extensive vocabulary about how awesome Lain and these classes are. Today and today only though you can purchase the True Stamp class for 50% off of the price and get access to the best stamping event ever. You will get 6 stamping classes brought to you at home because it is all online. You get to sit in your PJ’s all day and have a good ole time learning what to do with all those stamps of yours. All you have to do is use the code SWEET at checkout but this offer is only good for today! So go HERE and REGISTER!!


Children's Valentine, 1940–1950
Children’s Valentine, 1940–1950 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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  1. Creative Vi

    Thank you so much Beth for sharing my site. I really enjoy all your support and great tips you share here on your site. It’s that time again when I’m getting ready to use your Feb challenge template and so enjoy having the ease of scrappin with your templates. Thanks again Beth.

    1. Beth

      You are so welcome Vi you have axing things going on at your site! I can’t wait to see what you do with the February sketch!

  2. Cara Miller

    Thanks for sharing the love Beth! We are such a great bunch and I am so enjoying sharing this journey with you.

    1. Beth

      You are welcome Cara and I am so glad to be on this wonderful journey with you as well!

  3. Debbie ONeal

    Oh Beth, what a lovely post. I truly love all the wonderful tips you share on your site on how to get those photos off my phone and on to my scrapbook pages or blog post. Happy Valentines Day to you and yours !

    1. Beth

      Thank you Debbie I’m so glad that my tips are useful to you! Hope your Valentines Day was awesome!

  4. Beth, you are the sweetest! You are the most giving and helpful person! I honestly don’t know how you work in all you get done in a single day! Your website is constantly filling with amazing information! I wish you the best in all your adventures, artful and beyond! 🙂

    1. Beth

      Awwww thank you Kristie I appreciate all your help and loved all those heart tips!

  5. geezee

    Thank you Beth, I am so honored you chose my new baby site to feature in your lovely post today.

    1. Beth

      You are very welcome geezee and your site is growing every day!

  6. Debra Jason

    Wow, thanks for all those creative resources. I didn’t know there was such a big scrapbook community out there.
    Much appreciated. ~Debra

    1. Beth

      Hi Debra, you are welcome for the list and there are a ton of us scrapbookers out there!! It’s all about preserving those wonderful memories!

  7. Liz [UBC]

    Awesome group of links. I’m checking out the ecoscrapping, upcycling, and digital scrapping links. Thank you!

    1. Beth

      So glad you found some links that you are interested in, Liz. If you have any questions just ask away we are willing to help!

  8. Francene Stanley

    Thanks for all the links. That’s an amazing list of people willing to share information. What a wonderful world.

    1. Beth

      You are very welcome Francine all these ladies are wonderful and are willing to help people scrapbook in any way they can!

  9. Sophie Bowns

    Your tips are fantastic! I wish I was more “arty”

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