Scrapping Wonders Liebster Award

scrapping wonders liebster awardKristie Sloan from Artful Adventures who has  a wonderful site about all the wonderful creative things you can do with your scrappy supplies gave me this Liebster Award. This award is given to bloggers from other blogs and is away for new blogs to be discovered.

About the Award

This award is designed to be a blog award in the pay it forward fashion. Once you’ve been nominated, you award it to five blogs that you like that have fewer than 200 followers, to encourage new visitors to visit these blogs.

Rules for Acceptance

Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their blog. Post the award onto your blog. Give the award to five bloggers who you appreciate that have fewer than 200 followers. Leave a comment on their blog letting them know that you have given them this awesome award!

Pay it Forward

It’s hard to choose only five bloggers that I found inspiration from but here are my choices!

Vi Ferier – Creative Threadz  Vi shares all kinds of tips on sewing, healthy recipes, scrapbooking and more

Kelli Panique – Use it Scrapbooking Kelli teaches you how to use up all those wonderful scrapbooking supplies that you have instead of always purchasing more!

GeeZee – Messtaken Identity GeeZee teaches you how to eco-craft and has great tips for home decor, paper crafting and more

Debbie O’Neal – Scrap Me Quick Designs Debbie is your go to girl for all die cut machines

Heather Dubarry – No Excuses Scrapbooking Heather can teach all newbie scrapbookers how to get started

Recipients, you may copy and paste to your blog and change the introduction and the list of blog awards. I hope that you decide to participate and award some other very deserving artists!

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  1. Congratulations on your award! Your Liebster rules were certainly not as involved and time consuming as mine were! I wonder how that happens? 🙂

    1. Beth

      Lol I have no idea yours were definitely a lot harder thanks for linking up my site!

  2. Debbie ONeal

    Why thank you Beth ! I am so excited to receive the Liebster Award from you ! And will certainly pass it on to other blogs needing some exposure to.

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