Sew Easy

I will have to admit that today was a hard day to keep up with the ultimate blog challenge. Sundays are usually my down days and I try not to do much but go to church. I haven’t gotten used to writing up posts in batches so generally when I make a post it is completed on the same day. I was on club creating keepsakes the other night and I was in the forums and saw a post about the sew easy by We R Memory Keepers. I have been interested in sewing on my layouts for quite a while now but I don’t have a sewing machine and I have been afraid of hand stitching.

Then I saw how many people on the forums were saying that they liked the sew easy and that it was a lot of fun so I thought that this would be the answer. Of course I headed straight for amazon because amazon is the only place that I could still find the sew easy starter kit. I will do a follow-up post about the sew easy once it gets here and let you know how I like it. Have any of you tried the sew easy?

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  1. Hmm, I sew and I sometimes make cards. Sounds like a good mix to me.
    I had trouble getting my challenge blog done today too. Sundays are my off day–Church, hubby and relaxing. Next week I’m planning ahead!

    1. Beth

      Sounds like it should work out really well I’m definitely going to write another post once I receive it

  2. Susan

    I’m the same, Beth. Church and family don’t leave much in the tank for anything else on Sundays. And, like you, I don’t tend to batch-write my posts. One a day is about as much as I can do. Didn’t manage to post anything yesterday, but hoping to catch up in the next few days. Good luck with the ‘Sew Easy’. It looks intriguing.

    1. Beth

      Thanks for reading my post. I’m starting to think I should add batch posting into my schedule! Church and family times are where my Sundays generally go I’m hoping that next week I won’t have such a hard time.

  3. Ange

    I’ve not tried the tool at all, but I love to sew on my layouts and my machine does not always cooperate. Definitely interested to hear what you think! 🙂

    1. Beth

      Hi Brittany,
      The tool is for paper crafters, scrapbookers or card makers. This nifty little tool assists with making the holes in the paper so that you can sew. I have wanted to try sewing on my layouts for a long time now so I am hoping that this tool makes me face my fear and I sew on one of my layouts before the end of the year. Thank you so much for nominating me for a blog award. I am truly touched!

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