Sewing on a Layout!!

I have posted about the sew easy by we r memory keepers a few times but I haven’t used the sew easy on a layout up until recently. I was working on my 2010 album the other day, which I finished by the way! And I decided to try the sew easy on a layout. Let me first say that the sew easy does not work well on really think cardstock. I find it very hard to get the sew easy to poke the holes through on really heavy cardstock.

The paper that I used on this layout was not cardstock though so it was fairly easy to get the sew easy to make the holes on the layout. I did have a little bit of trouble from keeping the paper from crinkling up on me  a bit. All in all I really enjoyed making this layout.

My family tends to visit quite a few people on Christmas so this stop was at one of the grandparents house on Christmas day.

The paper is a very old creative memories winter wishes patterned paper. The journal box is good old white cardstock that I distressed with some Tim Holtz distress ink. The sew easy stich piercer that I used was the scallop one. I used the green embroidery floss and just did a fairly simple line that started at the top of the paper.

I really enjoyed using the sew easy on the layout and I will try this again for sure but I think next time I will try it on cardstock instead of patterned paper to see if the paper holds up better to me sewing on it. I think as long as the cardstock is not as heavy as Bazzill swiss dots cardstock then I should be able to get the holes to poke through with the sew easy stitich piercer.

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You can also find my review on the sew easy here.

You can purchase the sew easy starter kit at Amazon!

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  1. Beth, On some papers it won’t punch through all of the way. I think of it as a guide for where I need to stitch. For layered paper or thick cardstock, I often go back in with a paper piercer. I still find it saves time for me to use the sew easy. Drawing and punching the patterns it has available would take a lot of time. If your thin paper is crinkling, try less pressure. Stand up when you use it and practice how you cock your wrist. The sew easy has a little learning curve.

    1. Beth

      Thanks for all the tips Christy. I tried to get the sew easy to go through the Bazzill card stock and it didn’t seem to want to go and I was afraid to force it. Next time I will try standing up when I do it.

  2. Marcia Brown

    Hi, Beth!

    I tried the Sew Easy once on an example page I made for a previous scrapbook store that I worked for. The template I used was a leaf one. It took awhile, but it turned out quite nice. I’ll have to look that up and take a pic of it for my blog.

    I don’t know that I’ll use the Sew Easy on a lot of my pages, but it is a great tool to use now and then on something special. I think I’d probably come closer to using it on cards more often. That way I could use a smaller template and not spend a lot of time doing the sewing.

    Oh yeah, I usually use the foam I got when I purchased my Coluzzle tool to place behind my paper to perforate with the Sew Easy. It gives support and still allows you to get the holes in the paper. It seems to me the paper doesn’t tear quite so easily. It also works well when piercing holes for small brads to go through. What do you use behind your paper?

    Your scallop template looks great on your page. I especially like the way you distressed the journal box.

    Gotta go for now. Have a great night!

    Happy blogging!

    1. Beth

      Hey Marcia I use the little cushion that came with the sew easy. I really like the sew easy I plan on using the sewing machine my honey got me for Christmas on a layout soon! I would really like to see the layout that you did with the sew easy. I enjoy distressing its a ton of fun. Do you use distress inks?

      1. Marcia Brown

        Oh, ok! I forgot about that. I never bought that. It probably even works better than what I used.

        I use distress inks mostly to distress the edges of cards and mats on cards.

        1. Beth

          I bought the whole kit which came with different heads and a bunch of thread and the mat! I don’t think I have distressed to many cards but I do love it for making journal boxes!

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