Simple Scrapbooking - Not every page has to be a masterpiece

Sometimes as scrapbookers we get caught up in having the latest product and creating the most amazing layout ever. We don’t always have to scrap this way and we can scrapbook pages without having tons of product and techniques on every single layout that we create.

If you want to be able to scrap quickly and easily the best way to do this is remember that its ok to just stick your photos down, add a few embellishments and some journaling and call the page done!

Simple Scrapbook Layout

This layout above was completed with some patterned paper, a little bit of journaling, a title, and some washi tape. The layout did not take a ton of time and looks great! Plus those cute pictures of me help a little bit!!

So if you think that you need to create a masterpiece to complete a layout think again! Not that there is anything wrong with a masterpiece layout but we don’t always have the time to complete one!

If you want more tips on how to scrap quickly and easily you can check out Lain Ehmann’s class Scrap Like the Wind!

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  1. Katie S

    I’ve always found scrapbooking a little intimidating, but when you put it like that … I could do that!

    1. Beth

      Hi Katie,
      Yes you can do it just like that simple and easy you don’t need a ton of tools and paper to create a simple layout. The majority of my layouts are simple layouts

  2. Carlana

    Thank you Beth for the recommended resource at the end. I really want to give scrapbooking a try.

    1. Beth

      I hope you do Carlana and if you ever need any help please feel free to contact me, I would be glad to help you!

  3. Dina Dove

    This was a fun blog to read. I used to do a lot of artsy craftsy things, but not so much anymore.

    1. Beth

      How come you don’t do as much stuff anymore Dina?

  4. Sarah

    Excellent reminder that sometimes less is more!

    1. Beth

      So many scrapers feel the need to do more but we don’t have to in order to preserve our memories!

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