Smart Phones and Scrapbooking

Let me start off by saying that we are tech junkies in my house. We have tons of electronics all over the house and I won’t even mention all that we have because you might think that we have gone tech crazy. The real question is, can smart phones and scrapbooking go hand in hand? I have had a smart phone for many years now and my choice of smart phone is the iPhone. My boyfriend thinks that I am silly and that I should have an android phone but I am going to stick with my wonderful user-friendly iPhone! Not to say that I don’t know how to use my boyfriend’s yucky android phone but I definitely prefer my user-friendly and awesome app toting iPhone! Now that I sound like I am in an Apple product cult let me get back to my original question.

Can smart phones and scrapbooking go hand in hand?

The answer to this question should be yes unequivocally, but then there goes the issue about how do we make it happen? How do we make our smartphones and scrapbooking go hand in hand? For years all I have ever done with the pictures from my iPhone is dump them onto the computer every once in a while due to fear of losing them. Ask me where do my iPhone pictures go after that? I’ll tell you where they go, they sit on the computer. What kind of nonsense is that? Who is this person that has pictures that don’t exist in any albums and has no plans to put these pictures in an album? Well, I’ll tell you,

I am a Scrapbooker!!!

I am a scrapbooker that completely forgot about her wonderful iPhone pictures that she takes almost on a daily basis. I kid you not, I take a picture almost every day with my iPhone. So, I got to thinking my iPhone has given me the opportunity to create a project life project for my family. I already have all the photos. So the question now becomes what is the next step? So I have come up with a plan of action to get all these fabulous photos off of my computer and into a scrapbook by the end of the year.

Am I crazy?

You read me right, I plan on getting all 2012 photos off my computer that I took with  my iPhone into an album by the end of the year. Here is my plan of action:

  1.  Start going through the photos and weed out the ones that are scrapbook worthy. I am going to start with the ones that are currently on my phone because I can send them directly to shutterfly from the phone with the shutterfly app.
  2.  Send the photos to Shutterfly.comand print them.
  3.  Put them in a picfolio album from creative memories.
  4.  Add journaling and call it an iPhone project life album (I’ll come with a better title but this is what I am going with for now!).
Maybe I am a little crazy, but I have been inspired by a wonderful blog post that I read this morning and I have been saying it forever that I need to do something with my iPhone pictures. The blog post that I read by Eleanore Macnish can be found here! I plan on checking out the apps that she suggested as well just to see what they are all about. I will keep you posted on my craziness, I mean my project life project!

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