Summer Is Over :(

The summer is over. No more late nights up watching TV or playing games with my son because now it’s time for him to buckle down and get back to a normal schedule and go to sleep at a normal time :(. I truly enjoy the summer time because I don’t feel rushed to get everything done on time. During the school year I run a tight schedule. Our days consist of work, school, homework time, boxing practice for my son, dinner, more homework time for my son, showers and bed. There is no time in that equation for fun and just hanging out we have to wait until the weekend for all that. I’m not complaining here, (well technically I am, but don’t tell anyone). The truth is my favorite thing about the summer is that I don’t have to be on a schedule!!!

Although with summer being over that does mean that it’s time for fall :o. I love this time of year! Halloween and Christmas are my favorite times of the year! I get all giddy and decorate the house and become a crafting fiend. Don’t ask me when or how I find the time but I do because it is a must 🙂

I have been scouring my favorite site recently looking for some new crafts to try out! I just love Pinterest, don’t you? Through searching Pinterest I have found some great crafting ideas for the holidays but I have also noticed some scrapbooking trends that are going right now.

Here are the trends that I have found:

1. Chevron paper – it seems that everywhere I turn I see a layout with some type of Chevron on it and I think that I am digging this trend for sure.

2. Owl – whooowhooo owls are also everywhere right now and I have seen some really cute owl die cuts and stamps.

3. Hexagons – not quite sure why they are trending but hey I have been using hexagons in my layouts for over 10 years so maybe I was ahead of the game :0

4. Circles – apparently these are also trending now and I have seen some really cool things done with circles on some layouts I have pinned them to my Pinterest board.

5. Squares – are also trending right now I really like the idea of matting pictures on a bunch of squares because I like the dimension it seems to give to the page.

6. Birds – I keep seeing cute little birdies on cards and layouts as well.

What trends have you seen?


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  1. Nat

    I feel like Chevron has been really popular over the last year or so in the crafting world where it’s easy to DIY the pattern. Maybe scrapbooking companies recognized the trend and are just getting those products to market? I see the same thing with chevron clothes everywhere.

    1. Beth

      I agree with you Nat. Although I can handle chevorn in my paper but not so much with my clothes :).

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