Teaching & Crafting Can Go Together

I haven’t officially announced that I have become a 7th grade teacher in a very short time! My hiring process went very quickly, at least it did for my family. The plan was never for me to go back to work so soon after having the baby but when opportunity knocks you have to take it. Any who, now I am a 7th grade Language Arts teacher and I am finally getting into the swing of things. I have only been teaching for about 3 weeks and I have some major work to do to my room.

First up on the agenda for me is creating a word wall! I figured the best way to make this happen was to get my Cricut involved. I have been wanting to design a banner for the longest time with my Cricut and figured this would be the perfect opportunity for me, plus what better way to bring my two loves together, crafting and teaching.

I created my word wall banner using my Close To My Heart Art Philosophy cartridge and the newly released Fontastic Font, you can grab the cutting file for it Here. This file is for design space but if you need a craft room file just let me know I would be happy to make it for you! I originally used the canvas feature in design space to plan out my letters and to get the right sizing of the banner.

word wall banner
Word Wall Banner in Design Space

I really enjoyed putting this banner together and I can see myself making many more. The Cricut cut all the pieces out beautifully and I really enjoyed this new Fontastic Font that just came out this week. I embossed the doilies that I cut out with a new Anna Griffin embossing folder and I fell in love with how they turned out. I cant tell you enough how well Close To My Heart paper cuts in the Cricut and then you add in the white core that shows through when the paper is embossed and I am in love! Yes I am in love with paper and I feel that I must have every color of Close To My Heart paper that is available.

Embossed Doilie for the banner
Embossed Doilie for the banner

I did have a travesty that has occurred in my house, after making this beautiful banner I realized that I have absolutely no ribbon to go with it. I am currently working on crocheting something so that I can string this banner up in my classroom this week. I am hoping to finish that task this week but you never know, life may just get in the way of that happening.

Completed Banner
Completed Banner

Here are all the pieces of the banner that is currently just waiting for a crocheted ribbon so that I can hang it up in my classroom. I am so pleased with the banner and I think the embossed doilies are my favorite part of it! I am sure I will be finding other ways to bring my crafting techniques into my classroom before the school year is over. Do you have any suggestions of other things that I can make for my classroom?

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