best black and white pens for art journaling

The Best Black & White Pens for Art Journaling

best black and white pens for art journalingHave you ever wondered what the best pens are for art journaling, or what pens are going to work with all the paint that you just laid down on your paper.

I have the answers for you after testing tons of pens. Especially the white pens!

There are so many options out there but the problem is they don’t all work on top of paint and some just get completely clogged the second you try. The pens that I am recommending have worked for me for years now and are currently the best on the market right now, in my opinion. 

My absolute favorite black pen is the Envelope writing pen by Pilot. The pen offers a nice black ink and is waterproof. What makes me even happier is that it writes really well on top of paint  as long as your paint is dry. I personally purchase all three sizes of this pen as I also love to journal with the extra fine or fine. This pen works great on scrapbook pages as well. The only place that I have been able to find this particular pen is JetPens but you get free shipping with all orders that are $25 or more! You can find the pens by clicking HERE.

The next best black pen is a Fudeball now you might be thinking that it is a really thick pen but for art journaling it is absolutely perfect. This pen I use exclusively for art journaling and it works wonders over paint. The pen is waterproof as well and the ink is a nice crisp black. This pen will even write on top of other art mediums like heavy gel that you have put through a stencil. You can  find this pen on Amazon by clicking HERE. 

Now on to the white pens and I know you might be thinking that I am crazy for only sharing a few pens here. But when I say I have tested a lot of pens I really have and these are truly the best pens that I have found. The first white pen that I am going to recommend is a Posca paint pen. You can get them in many different sizes and they work really well on top of paint. I found this great pack of 3 different sizes over at Amazon. You can see which ones I am recommending by clicking HERE. Sometimes you might need the really thick pen and other times you don’t. I mainly use the fine version of this pen because I generally use my white pens for highlighting and need the finer version to draw lines and such. 

The last pen that I am going to recommend is a Gelly Roll pen but only in the larger format. I personally use a .08 in this pen and just like the other pens that I mentioned you have to make sure that your paint is completely dry before using it on top of your mixed media art. I found this pack on Amazon which is awesome because you get three different sizes and they all work really well when it comes to art journaling. You can find this pack on Amazon by clicking HERE. 

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