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So a wonderful blogger asked me how do I scrapbook? She meant how do I create my albums for my monsters aka children! As I was replying to her

This is one of the album covers that I am using for Monster #1 birthday album

I realized that this is actually quite a long answer. The way that I handle the monster’s albums has a lot to do with the fact that they are 10 years apart. I often wonder what was I thinking and then I realize I wasn’t and that it was all God’s doing to bless me with another beautiful, amazing and complicated child! If this is your first time reading my blog please know that when I call my children monster’s I do it with love. They actually have several nicknames but I think I will save that for another post.

I seem to have gotten off the path here so let me get myself back on track…..

Monster #1 has scrapbooks completed from birth to the age of five. These books are all about him and only him as he was the only monster that I had at the time. I was young and just learning how to scrapbook so the books are not at all a representation of what I can do now (that was a little tooting of my own horn right there). I first learned about scrapbooking when my son was 3 years old and for that reason his 3-year-old album was his first album that I ever did. Then I worked my way back. The albums are not perfect but they were made with love and he still likes to go back and look at his old albums 🙂 So I must have done something right!

Monster #2 has one completed scrapbook at this time. This is the first album that I did for her and it is her baby album that includes everything from birth to age 1. I just completed this album in May of 2012. Yup your reading that right, this year. It was only 4 years later. I know, I’m late but I had a lot of stuff going on and when that happens you tend to get away from doing what you love. I have also started her birthday album which so far includes her 1st and 2nd birthday celebrations. This album will also include any pictures from extracurricular activities that she participates in such as dance and soccer so far. She is only 4!

From the years of 2009 and on I will complete a family album and each child’s birthday album will be added to. 2004 to 2008 will be years that I will have to get scrapped and these albums will be mostly of monster #1 because that is the only monster that I had at the time. I am still in the process of organizing all these years into my memory manager software so it will be some time before these albums are completed.

So to recap:

  • Each child has their own baby book.
  • I will complete a family album every year.
  • Each child will have their own birthday book (includes their birthday celebration and any extracurricular activities that they participate in throughout the year).

I would love to hear the different ways you scrapbook so please leave me a comment. Thanks

P.S. Here is a link to the lovely blogger that started the creation of this wonderful post:

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  1. Michele

    How do I ScrapBook. Now you’re going to have me starting my own blog!! I ScrapBook EVERYTHING!! LOL. So, I know that’s not the answer you’re looking for.

    The short answer is I make an annual album and then have event-driven albums. Birthdays/Anniversaries that end in zero, weddings, vacations, Christmas and dog albums – we have 4 of those! After we added the 3rd dog to our pack, I realized random pages in my annual album wouldn’t do.

    The long answer requires me to tell you how I began ScrapBooking. I was a senior in high school and wanted to keep all my pictures and memoribilia together. I picked an album up at my local Hallmark store that had a cute little teddy bear on the cover. At the end of the year I was not very happy with it – but I free-hand cut around all the people in pictures so that walls and ceilings were gone, the album sat like a wedge on my shelf and looked ridiculous and overfull but I had only bought one package of extra pages, no jouranling, very little order. I was not doing this again!

    Then, in 1998 or so one of my best friends introduced me to Creative Memories. I was HOOKED IMMEDIATELY on 3 things: Strap-Hinge albums that laid flat, the “safe” features of their paper and pages that let pictures and memoribilia co-exist on the same pages and the Custom Cutting System that let me cut my pictures so pretty!! I was single and began to make albums regularly.

    Then I met my husband in 2001. The “Annual” album was born. One album for every year of our life together. But the first Christmas I realized that all the pictures and cards I wanted to keep much less the multiple family events would NOT fit in my annual album, but would not fill a second album 🙁 The Christmas album was born!! Depending on what I keep and weather I do traditional or digital pages. I can get anywhere from 2-4 years of Christmas in a single album. And then I add only one page or maybe a double-layout for Christmas to my annual album. I do that with my event-driven albums as well. The birthday/anniversary/wedding/vacation gets 1 or 2 pages including a reference to the entire album. I include my favorite dog story and/or pictures to my annual album in a rather sneaky way. Most dog pages are a single page. So I add them in to make sure my annual album has enough to keep double page layouts across from each other. Isn’t that terrible?!?!?

    Which was all probably more then you wanted to know! But that’s my long answer 🙂

    1. bethie8

      Wow your answer was just as long as my post LOL. I think the majority of scrap bookers scrap everything. I know I scrap everything as well.

  2. Maureen

    I love the cover of that album. It looks like a creative memories album (love their products!) but I could be mistaken. My “how I do it” is a long answer too but let me try to shorten it. I have 2 bonus sons (a nice way of saying step sons because Step just seems so ugly to me and honestly, these 2 boys are truly a bonus to my life with their dad). They were 8 and 17 when they came into my life. The youngest, who is now 16, currently has 9 books (one for each year) of things he did when he visited his dad and I. I use only creative memories pic-folio books for his books. These books will be given to him (and his future wife, whoever she may be) as part of their wedding gift. My other bonus son is 25 now and I am pulling together as many pictures as I can from his childhood and the few times he has visited his dad and I. Some of my husbands relatives are helping by sending us pictures they may have so I can scan them in for his book. He does not know I am making him a book :o). His will also be given to him as part of his wedding gift, whenever that day comes. The younger son knows I am making him books and he enjoys looking at them when he is here visiting. When I met my husband, I came to know that he did not have any pictures from his childhood and no pictures of his kids, family etc… due to an unfortunate situation with his Ex. I, myself had 13 childhood books that my parents put together for me over the years. Then I came to realize that If I didn’t put together books for the 2 boys, neither of them would have pictures of their childhood or of family either, as their mom is not into the whole preserving memories thing. That just didn’t sit well with me and so the idea for their books was born. I am also putting together a book for my husband of pictures of his family/childhood. All of those pictures were lent to me from his relatives so I could scan them. My husband and my books begin with when we first met, before we started dating. We are also in our second year of doing Project Life and it is truly awesome to have him helping and contributing to our books. Our Project life books from last year filled three 3 ring American Crafts 12×12 albums! He supports my memory preserving 1000% and I am grateful for that. So, thats why I scrap and why I will continue to scrap and thats a bit of how I do it.

    1. bethie8

      I love the fact that you call them bonus sons. That is so much better then step sons 🙂 I think it is truly wonderful that you are creating books for them. I love creative memories products as well and all my albums are creative memories albums. I haven’t worked with the pic folio albums to much. It seems that all scrapbookers will have a long answer to how we scrapbook. I think our way of scrapbooking is just another way of how we organize our stuff. We scrapbookers tend to have many albums and many stories all preserved and I believe that this is a beautiful thing. I was speaking to some fellow scrapbookers the other day and they thought they were only ones that would enjoy their books. We got into a discussion about how I think their children will enjoy the scrapbooks that they created for them.

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