Titles Allude Me….

I love scrapbooking, I love putting my pictures in a way that just grabs a person, I love decorating my pages and putting embellishments on them; I hate titles! Ok let me rephrase that I have a hard time with titles on a regular basis. I struggle with coming up with cute sayings and catchy titles. I have always had this problem. I have no problem with figuring out how I am going to layout my pictures and I can generally figure out what embellishments I am going to use but for some reason titles allude me.

I know what your thinking Beth has to title every blog post that should mean that she should be able to title her layouts, especially since she has such awesome titles for her blog posts! This apparently is not the case! I have no idea why I struggle so with my titles. This is definitely something that I have been working on for the past few months.

I have been scouring the internet and looking for ideas and ways to help me come up with better titles. Some of the questions that I have often wondered are:

1. Do you title every layout? (I myself have never titled every page.)

2. How do you come up with awesome titles for your layouts? (I struggle sometimes a picture will tell me what my title should be.)

3. What are you favorite supplies to use for making titles on your layouts? ( I use stickers, thickers and my brand new Cricut Expression 2.)

I would love to know your thoughts on titlesĀ and what works out for you.




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  1. Nancy

    I do my titling a couple of different ways. First, I treat my pages like chapters in a book. If it takes six pages to display all images of a particular title, I will only title the first page. Second, if the page represents a specific place, I will use that as my title. Lastly, I may use a description of what is going on in the photos to determine a title. For instace, I was in Florida with my family several years ago, and my oldest daughter did not go into the pool. However, she did manage to get every part of her body wet sitting and/or laying on the side of the pool. So I titled the pages “Splish, Splash”. So I think titles can be creative, but they can be informative as well.

    1. Beth

      I’m not sure why I have such a hard time with titles. Sometimes I take a picture if where we are so that picture can be used as the title. Maybe I feel so much pressure because I see titles on everyone else’s layout lately. I don’t think every page has a title.

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