To The Cutter Pillar & Beyond

Ok so I stole Buzz Lightyear’s saying but what can I say it was stuck in my head and it seemed to fit! So in Buz’s words “To Infinity & Beyond” (in my Buzz Lightyear voice). I know I am totally off track but it’s been a long day and I think my brain is a little wonky tonight.

Back to the cutter pillar. A while ago I was on two of my favorite forums the club creating keepsakes forum and the two peas in a bucket forum and woman were going goo goo for cooco puffs over this cutter pillar. They were all saying that it’s the best trimmer they have ever had and that they would never use another trimmer ever again and on and on and on. Of course my inquisitive mind was like what are they talking about I’ve never heard of a cutter pillar before.

Google to the rescue yet again and this is what I find.


I got to thinking this thing is huge and what I am going to do with such a large trimmer and such a small place. But then the company was having a special on their Facebook page and was selling it for half off. So I bought it, she was delivered to me and I opened her up and started trimming. I instantly fell in love and I have been in love ever since she came home to me. Quick side note the majority of my electronics and toys are referred to as she & again I am reminding I am a little wonky tonight due to my very long day. So on that note I will leave you with this video about the cutter pillar and let you decide.

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  1. Nat

    Thanks for the review! How are you liking it? I’m considering entering the market for a new trimmer – I haven’t used a trimmer in years because I always had issues with the edge not being clean. Do you trim photos as well as paper or just paper?

    1. Beth

      Hey Nat,
      The trimmer is amazing I absolutely love it. When you first get it they tell you to trim about 50 pieces of paper before you get a super clean edge but I didn’t even have to do that many before I got a super clean and straight edge. I think I trimmed about 20 pieces of scrap paper. I love the lights on it. At first I was like lights, big deal, but the lights really do help. I also love the ruler because it shows eighths and none of my other trimmers do. It is large so its not meant to be a traveling trimmer although I have read in the forums that some women do travel with it. For traveling I will always use my creative memories trimmer but when I am home this is the only trimmer that I will be using. Now I just want to go home and play with it, LOL!!!

      I trim my paper and my photos with it. It truly is an awesome trimmer.

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