Tons of Photos, One Layout!

I very seldom create a layout with only one photo. I like to tell a story which is why I joined Ali Edward’s story telling club. Each month I get a kit and I am instructed on what type of story goes with that kit. What I love about this is not the products but the fact that I am telling stories that I might not have told. At first I was just collecting the kits but now I am so into telling these stories.

The most recent kit that I worked on was the Click kit and it was about telling why you take certain photos or about a person that you click with. There is way more to it then that but this is what I came up with after looking through my photos. The first story I told with this kit was about my babies and apparently I like my babies sleeping because during the month of February I took tons of photos of my babies sleeping.

What ended up happening was that I had to many photos for my two page layout and I didn’t want to add an insert or create a whole other layout. I grabbed my flip flaps. I have used these in other projects and I tend to forget that I have them sometimes. Now the flip flaps that I am using are the Close To My Heart brand and I know that you can find other flip flaps on the market but let me tell you the quality of the Close To My Heart flip flaps is amazing! They are super strong and I can’t see the glue once I have stuck them down which is important to me. If I am going to add an interactive element to my layouts I want to be sure that it is going to last. With my Close To My Heart flip flaps I am not worried about it lasting.

With my two page layout I had room for 10 photos! Now that’s what I am talking about. I used the Seaside paper for this layout just because I think the paper is gorgeous and it will be gone very soon. I used some of the embellishments from the Ali Edward’s story kit like the word Click and the chipboard pieces and stickers. I also used some of the pocket cards that came with the kit to journal on. I made my own filler cad with the Heidi Swapp screen print and paint and before I knew it my layout was done and I told a story that I had never told before.

I had a ton of fun making this layout and I can’t wait to share with you the other layout that I have made with the new Zoe paper from Close To My Heart using the Click story!

Here is the video sharing with you how the flip flaps look on my layout! Grab your own set of flip flaps by clicking HERE and see how many photos you can fit on a layout. As a matter of fact I challenge you to get as many photos as you can on one layout and to share a story that you have never told before. You can grab the Seaside paper here and get it before the end of the month because it will be gone by August 31st.

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