Top 7 Apps for all Scrapbookers

7 appsQuite some time ago I wrote a post about the top 5 apps for project life scrapbookers to use. Since then the times have changed and I have found better apps that I currently use to get my photos into an album. These apps are great for all scrapbookers, whether you are a traditonal type of scrapper, a digi scrapper or a pocket scrapper any of these apps will help you to get your photos into your albums quickly and easily.

So without further ado here are my top picks for the best apps to help us scrappers get those stories told.

#1: My absolute favorite app for helping me remember my stories is currently the Collect app. The Collect app is only available for iPhone users at this time but I have to say I love this app. This app is a great way to make sure you capture a photo a day. You can set a reminder so that you are reminded to document whatever photos you have taken that day. You can journal directly on the photo through the app and you can create notes on the back of the photo. The note section is great if you have a larger story that needs to go along with your photo. All this keeps everything in one spot so when you are ready to print the photo you can export it from the collect app and send it to any printing service of your choice or print it at home. I personally love sending my Collect photos to persnickety to be printed in 3×4 format for my project life album that I am working on this year. I have also printed these photos with my Canon Selphy at home. The last favorite feature that I love about the Collect app is the monthly calendar collage that you can create at the end of the month. I love these little calendars because they are a snapshot of some of the photos that I took of the family during the month. I did end up paying for the Collect app and that was so that I could have all the features that come with the app. You can watch a tutorial on the app here and you can download the app here.

#2 The second app that all scrapbookers should have is a collage app. I personally have two favorites but we shall talk about Fuzel for now. I love the Fuzel app for its ease of creating a collage. Fuzel is available for iPhone and Android. My favorite feature about the Fuzel app is that I pick my photos and the app throws them in a collage for me. I can then change the layout of the collage by simply tapping on the shuffle layout feature until I am satisfied with the look of the collage. You can create collages in all the popular sizes such as square (Instagram size), 3×4 and 4×6. Their are tons of other cool features that come along with the Fuzel app such as changing the color of the background, rounding your corners and adding shadows to your photos. You can watch a tutorial on the Fuzel app here and you can download the app here.

#3 What’s a scrapbooker without a little bling and the Rhonna Designs app gives you just that Bling! This app is simply fun. I can add text and bling to my photos or I can create an inspirational quote with the app. The possibilities are endless with this app and if you follow Rhonna on Instagram you can get step by step instructions on how she creates some of the awesome photos that she puts up on Instagram. I don’t know how else to describe the app except for the fact that there is so much that you can do with your photos and so many fun embellishments that are available that the app is worth the money. Of course their are in app purchases as well available but you don’t have to have them in order to give your photos that little bit of extra ummppphhh. You can download the app here.

#4 Ahhhhh journaling is always needed when you are a scrapbooker and for that reason sometimes you just need to simply add text on your photo and nothing more, or you would like to journal on your phone and then print it out. For that I use Phonto. Phonto is a wonderful app that is used just for adding text to your photos. The app has been updated and now you can journal and print it out and stick it on your layout directly from your phone. One of my favorite features of the Phonto app is that you can add any font from your computer to the Phonto app in addition to the many fonts that come pre-installed on the app. You can watch a tutorial on the app here and you can download the app here.

#5 You may be wondering how do I remember all the events that happen in my everyday life or when did I post that on my Facebook feed, for that there is the Momento app. Momento is where I jot down the moments that I want to save, you know all those crazy things that my kids say or things that the baby does. I jot them down in this app, this app also pulls all my posts from social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This is a great way to keep all your moments in one spot and it makes it super easy for me to journal on my layouts at a later time. You can download the app here.

#6 So we all use our phones to take the majority of those pictures but lets be real these photos will never be DSLR quality photos and that’s ok because we are documenting our lives. What should we do when we want that same effect though? We should use the Big Lens app. Oh how I love the Big Lens app. It is a great app that blurs out the background, brings into focus what you really want the photo to show and then gives you a ton of great filters. It truly doesn’t get any better then that. You can watch this quick tutorial that I did on the Big Lens app here and you can download the app here.

#7 The final app that I use quite a bit is PicTapGo. This is a great app for editing your photos and managing to get the best light that you can get after you have already taken the photo. You can create recipes meaning if there are some filters that you find your self always using you can save all those filters as one and save it to your recipes. You can also change the strength of the filters as well. The app is fairly easy to use and the photos can be shared to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter directly from the app. You can download the app here.

Well there you have it my top 7 apps that I use on almost a daily basis to document our family memories. What are your favorite apps to use?

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