Update: Best Apps for Project Life with iPhone

new apps for project lifeThe times have changed since the last time I have written a post all about the best apps to use for project life. Now its time for me to let you know what apps I think are the best to use and why I think this. There are tons of apps that you can use to create your own cards and get your photos scrapped quickly and easily but the same rule applies to iPhone scrapbooking that applies to good old paper scrapbooking, meaning the more apps you have the longer it will take for you to complete a layout.

My current go to apps for Scrapbooking with my iPhone these days are:

Phonto – this app is for adding text or embellishments to my photos or if I am making my own journal cards. I prefer Phonto over Letterglow just for my own personal preferences. You can import your own fonts into the app as well as your own embellishments.

Rhonna Designs – this is a great app for adding embellishments to your photos or creating your own journal cards. I also love using it to create my own wallpaper for my iPhone. There are a ton of free embellishments but I won’t lie and tell you that I have never bought extra packs because I have!

Little Hoots – I recently found this app and I have to say that I am very pleased with it. I mostly use it for my daughter because she is saying cute things all the time that I want to remember and this app gives me the ability to create a little journal card with her quotes.

Letterglow – this app does the same thing that Phonto does. You can add your own embellishments to your photos or journal cards that you have made. You can add text to your photos or create journal cards with the app. There is a decent amount of free fonts that you can use with the app and you can import your own fonts into the app.

A Beautiful Mess – another great app for adding embellishments to your photos or journal cards that you have made. I don’t generally use the app to add text to things because I find it cumbersome. I prefer to use Phonto or Letterglow for adding text to my photos.

Project Life – last but not least but the app that can help you pull it altogether and create layouts is the project life app. I have created several videos that can help you get scrappy using the project life app and the apps that I have mentioned above. You can access the entire project life app playlist by clicking here.

Now these apps are just for actually scrapbooking with my iPhone and I use other apps to edit my photos when the regular iPhone edits are just not good enough. What are your favorite apps to use for scrapbooking with your phone?

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  1. Linda Easton

    I want to use an app on my phone, but I DON’T have an iphone…..I have an android system. I’m sure not everyone has an iphone and would also like to know. Can you help me?

    1. Beth

      Hi Linda,
      Rhonna Designs and Phonto are both apps that are available for Android phones so is a Beautiful Mess. You can do a ton with just these three apps on your Android phone.

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