Watercolor Stripes

I am on Day 2 of my get creative challenge for the month of October and today I had to wait for the kids to go to sleep before I get to scrappy table. I had these photos from last year of our Christmas that were actually quite bad so I figured these photos would be the perefect photos for me to hightlight this stirpe technique that I wanted to try and focus more on the paper then photos.

I really wanted to see how this would work out with my Gansai watercolors as opposed to my cheap Michaels brand watercolors. Close To My Heart has brand new watercolors as well but they are currently in a box on their way to my house so this is what I had to work with. I finally got my clear gesso from Prima’s art basics line and I have to admit that after using it for the first time I am now in love with it. White gesso is not a perfect white and it always turns my white daisy paper to a not so quite white.

I digress though let me get back to what I did. I grabbed some washi tape that I don’t ever really see me using that I have in my stash and placed it in diagnol strips on my now gesso paper. I then painted my stripes alternating between red and green. I had initally added some water to the paper before I added the water color but after a few times I decided this step was not necessary and I wasn’t liking how my stripes were looking.

I finished painting my stripes and grabbed my heat gun to start drying them and as I dried areas of my paper I would take the washi tape off. All in all I was pretty happy with the outcome. I really like the textured look that I get from adding gesso to my paper along with the watercolor.

watercolor stripes

After that was all done I trimmed my paper down a bit so that I could mat it on to another piece of paper and I grabbed some really old Bazzill cardstock that I had laying around for this. I orginally had another paper picked out for this part but I just couldn’t cover up the pattern on that paper. I really took the time to add a decent amount of adhesive to my paper because of all the water that it had on it. I was quite surprised though how once again the white daisy cardstock held up to all the gesso, water and paint and I really had minimal warping.

I laid my photos out in grid style as usual for me and grabbed some stuff that is really old from my stash and got to work. Have you noticed a theme yet here with this challenge? I keep grabbing old stuff to work with! I am really trying to make a conscious effort to not only get creative but to also use the things that I have had in my stash forever.


I had some old brads, a really old Jolee sticker, some snowflakes and rhinestone stars and lets not forget that cork Christmas tree. I just decided to put it all on there. I wasn’t quite sure if I liked it but after it was all said and done and I took a step back to look at it I decided that I was quite happy with the outcome. I would like to try this technique with a few other supplies that I have laying around, like acrylic paint and india ink!

Here a few more shots of this layout!

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