Watercolor Travelers Notebook

I love watercolors, especially because they are so portable. I travel just about everywhere with my Koi watercolor kit, which I absolutely love, the colors are surprisingly very vibrant and can go from pretty opaque to pretty transclucent. I would have to say one of my favorite things about this watercolor set is that it really forces me to experiment and create my own colors with the 24 colors that I already have in the set.

I have really experimented with this watercolor set and I have created some really pretty colors these last few years and this set is what inspired me to make a watercolor travelers notebook. I had been creating art in my Hobonichi this year and watercoloring in it, which is how I learned that I love A6 size (this is approxitmately 4.1×5.8), a tad bit smaller then a 4×6.

Back to the waterolor travlers notebook, the insert is made from Canson watercolor paper with a heavy weight cover made from Neenha 110 pound cardstock. The insert is saddle bound stitched together with white waxed thread to ensure that the insert is bound together well. The inserts have 24 pages of watercolor paper which means that they are thick enough for you to have enough paper to create an art journal but thin enough that they can fit inside a stamping tool!

Alright so I have to admit that at first I wasn’t sure if this was going to work but I had created a wash during my lunch break and I wanted to stamp on it with one of my Jane Davenport face stamps. I know that stamping on watercolor paper is not always easy to do so I figured I would give my stamp perfect a shot and see if I could get it to stamp in my watercolor insert. I used blue Archival Ink and low and behold it worked! I was enthralled and so happy that it worked the end result was my stamped face and funky purple hair. I have a short video for you of my process!

You can purchase a watercolor insert from the shop by clicking here.

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